About Us
Through its support to charitable organizations and its environmental commitments, Air Mauritius strives to promote the development of Mauritius and the welfare of its citizens.

Our charitable involvement

Every year, Air Mauritius provides support to charitable organizations in the form of donations or free tickets. Furthermore, our company provides discounts to Mauritian parents who are accompanying their children for medical treatment overseas. In the field of education, we offer special rates and other benefits to Mauritian students and accompanying parents. These initiatives are part of our social responsibility programme, long established in our corporate culture.

Our environmental involvement

The ecosystem of Mauritius is unique, and we do our best to help preserve it by supporting pro-environment initiatives. Air Mauritius is a partner of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), whose mission is the protection of the local flora and fauna. One of the flagship initiatives of the partnership is the "One Take-off, One Tree" campaign, whereby one tree is planted for each take-off of an Air Mauritius airplane from the island. We also actively support the protection of two endemic birds: the Rodrigues Warbler and the Rodrigues Fody.

For a carbon-neutral airline industry

Air Mauritius is one of the signatories of the IATA's (International Air Transport Association) Declaration on Commitment of Action on Climate Change, which urges the air transport industry to take measures to reduce CO2 emissions produced by aircraft and to work towards carbon-neutral growth in the medium term and a future free of carbon emissions. Our company participates in raising awareness around this initiative.