Beijing : ancient history and modern trade

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Beijing, long known as Peking, is a surprising destination for the traveller, given its duality between modern trends and its historic sites. Air Mauritius has been operating a weekly direct flight to this city since July 2013.
The Chinese capital, hosting 20 million inhabitants, lives in permanent contrast. The modern era is definitely present through the skyscrapers and the mythical stadiums - The Nest and the Cube - that hosted the Olympics in 2008.
One of Beijing’s characteristics lies in its bustling commercial life. The city is well-known for its shopping opportunities, be it traditional art - jade, porcelain , silk - or fashion products, textile and other articles offered in the shops of Xizhimen , Silk Street, Hong Qiao and Zhong Guan Chun, an electronic gadget paradise.
The Chinese capital also recounts its millennial history through world-famous sites: Forbidden City, built in the year 1400 and former dwelling of emperors and empresses from the Ming and Qing dynasties for five centuries, the Tian'anmen Square and its vast flowerbeds, the Mao Zedong mausoleum and museums about the Chinese history revolution, the Summer Palace and its art collection. No traveller goes to Beijing without visiting the Great Wall, one of the wonders of the world. Built in stages over two centuries to repel nomadic invasions, it stretches over 5,000 kilometres and also houses the tombs of 13 emperors of the Ming dynasty that ruled over China.
Bicycles and scooters flow into the streets of Beijing, but visitors can go around by taxi or take a tour with a guide. A high-speed train links Beijing to Shangani on a journey of less than 5 hours through the rice paddies and the countryside.
The tourist season is in full swing in summer, from June to August. The autumn months, from September to November, offer agreeable days, both cool and sunny. These are the best times to wander through the streets and taste the traditional Chinese cuisine, including Peking duck, a menu reference, as well as the surprising and delicious specialties offered in the popular streets of Dong Chuen.

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