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When can I start registering my nominee ?

After full membership is given. Please click here for online registration of nominee.

Can nominees accumulate miles ?

No, nominees cannot accumulate miles but they can pool 50% of their miles with their parent member. 

Is a nominee a card holder ?

Nominees will be given a Red card which will bear an identification number

Who can be my beneficiaries as per the Family scheme ?

You can include a maximum of 5 persons of your choice including your nominees who have been pre-nominated upon application.

Can Beneficiaries accumulate miles ?

Yes. Beneficiaries can cumulate miles on their own account provided they are also a member of the programme with their own account.

Can I change a beneficiary ?

Yes, subject to certain conditions and on payment of an administration fee of €50. 

How does my Nominee differ from my Beneficiary ?

Your Nominee (who is not a full fledged member) will give you 50% of his/her miles as per above criteria whereas your Beneficiary can hold a full membership and will accumulate miles on his/her own account. 

With whom can I share my awards ?

You can share your awards with both your nominees and beneficiaries who can be five in total.