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How do I ensure that my miles are credited automatically ? 

You should:
 Quote your membership number every time you make a reservation on Air Mauritius and partner's flights.
 Show your card when you check in at the airport.
 Ensure that the name on your ticket is as per your passport.
 Keep proof of your travels on Air Mauritius in case it might be required.

How long does it take for my miles to appear on my account ?

Please allow 1 week to confirm your travels on your online statement.

How do I check my miles online ?

Through our website by using your password. The password is obtainable by online request.

Does a frequent flyer earn miles on an award ticket ?

No. Award tickets do not carry miles as is the case for Industry and Agency discounted tickets.

What is the lifetime of my miles ? 

Miles have a life time 3 yrs and expire on a monthly rolling basis 

Does a frequent flyer earn miles on a non-Air Mauritius flight ?

No, except if he/she travels on a partner's flight under the MK code (MK quota of seats). 
However, redemption is possible only on some partners operated flights. 

Who can be my nominees as per the Family scheme ?

You can include your spouse and children OR your mother and father.