Internet Check-In

When is my flight available for Internet check-in?

Internet check-in is available from 30 hours up to 2 hours* before your flight's departure.

Departure from Mumbai: passenger can check-in online anytime from 30 hours up to 4 hours before flight departure.

Operational exigencies may temporarily cause Internet check-in to be disabled for a particular flight. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly request you to try again later or to check in at the airport.

For which flights is internet check-in available?

All flights operated by Air Mauritius. Please check the list of airports where Internet Check-in is applicable on Air Mauritius flights.

What time should I arrive at the airport when I have used Internet check-in?

For Mauritius airport, all passengers must report to the dedicated Airport e-Services Check In Counter at least 1 hour before departure for inter-island flights (Reunion and Rodrigues) and at least 2 hours for International flights. For other airports, passengers with hand luggage only can proceed directly to the boarding gate.

When you are traveling with hand baggage only: you are requested to be at your departure gate at the indicated boarding time noted on your boarding pass. For Mauritius airport, passenger will have to present themselves at the e-Services check-in counter. If passenger is not present at the time of closure of boarding gate, Air Mauritius reserves the right to accept passengers on the flight. Please refer to our conditions of carriage.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an acronym for electronic ticket. It is a digital ticket that is stored in our reservation system, for which confirmation is granted electronically instead of by a paper ticket.

What is an e-ticket number?

An e-ticket number is a specific number, printed on your e-ticket confirmation. It mostly consists of 13 digits. In case of a 14-digits e-ticket number, please use the first 13 digits.

Where can I find my e-ticket number?

Your e-ticket number is printed on your e-ticket confirmation. The e-ticket number is a 14-digit number; please use the first 13 digits.

If you have reserved an e-ticket via a travel agent and you have not received an e-ticket number and/or booking number, we recommend that you contact your travel agent to get your e-ticket number and/or booking number.

What is a booking reference?

You receive a booking reference code once you have made a booking and it consists of 6 digits and/or letters. You can find this code on your booking confirmation. A booking code is also known as a confirmation code or reservation number.

What is a flight number?

A flight number is the number of a booked flight. This number can be found on your (e)-ticket confirmation and consists of two letters and three/four numbers (e.g. MK 034).

When is Internet check-in not applicable?

You have a group reservation of 10 or more persons.
When traveling with an infant (younger than 2 years).
Unaccompanied minors: a child aged 5 to 12 who is not accompanied by a person aged 15 or older in the same booking.
Passengers who have chosen for assistance and are not accompanied by a person aged 15 or older in the same booking.
Your airport of departure does not have Internet check-in facilities.

Can I also check in for my return flight?

If your reservation includes a return flight within 24 hours from the departure time of your first flight, you are offered the opportunity to check in for your return flight as well.

What is a frequent flyer number?

A frequent flyer number is a loyalty membership number. You can check your number on your Miles statement or on your frequent flyer card. For any query on the kestrelflyer programme, click here

Why do I need to confirm that "all passengers above are in the possession of a valid passport and the visa needed for the destination of the group"?

For legal reasons you should be in the possession of a valid passport / visa needed for your destination. Therefore when you check in for one or more travel companions, you should also confirm that they possess valid passports and visa needed for their destination.

How to select my seat ?

You can change seats for yourself and your travel companions during Internet check-in by using the "Change" function on the "select seat" screen. If you have already selected your seat at the time of reservation, you can check or change your seat. Seats are available according to the seat map showed. As long as you are on the "select seat" screen you are able to change your seat. However as per our conditions of carriage, Air Mauritius does not guarantee that you will get the seat chosen.

Can I change my seat after I confirmed my seat selection?

As long as you are in the "select seat" screen, you are able to change your seat. However as per our conditions of carriage, Air Mauritius does not guarantee that you will get the seat chosen.

I have problems finding available seats. What should I do?

The availability of seats differs per flight, aircraft type, destination, flight date and carrier. There are occasional instances in which operational exigencies do not show available seats on Internet check-in. We apologize for the inconvenience and we kindly request you to collect your seat number at the airport.

What kind of travel documents can I print?

Depending on the facilities offered at your airport of departure you can print the following:

Boarding pass: this printed document is your boarding pass. Please bring along this document to the airport. Some airports do not allow printing this document at home. In that case you are kindly requested to collect your boarding pass at the airport.
Confirmation document: this document shows a confirmation of your Internet check-in process and is offered when you are not allowed to print your boarding pass. You are kindly requested to collect your boarding pass at the airport.
Trip Summary: this document shows details of your booked journey. This document is not mandatory but you are requested to retain the printed copy for presentation at the airports that may require it.

When is it not possible to print my boarding pass?

Internet check-in is available at the majority of airports; however, due to immigration, security or airport restrictions some airports do not have this facility. For instance, passengers checking in online on flights departing from Mumbai to Mauritius cannot print their boarding passes; they need to have it issued at the check-in counters. Likewise, passengers departing from Antananarivo need to collect their boarding passes at airport counters even if they have a printed boarding pass.

If due to unavoidable circumstances you were not able to print out your own boarding pass or you forgot it, please note the following times:
Domestic flights: Contact the check-in counter at least 1 hour before departure.
International flights: Contact the check-in counter at least 2 hours before departure.

I have problems printing my boarding pass. What should I do?

Kindly report to the e-Services Check In Counter at the airport

How do I cancel my check-in?

If you have completed the check-in process online and need to change your flight plans, kindly contact us on +230 6033030 prior to the flight departure for your check-in to be cancelled or call your local Air Mauritius contacts at the airport .

Through Check-In

If your journey consists of 2 or more flights, you may have the option to check-in on the onward flights provided that those flights are already open for online check-in in the respective airline system. This is referred to as Through Check-In.