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Flying with Air Mauritius gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy great movies, listen to your favorite music, and play video games. It's not just a flight but a multimedia experience in optimum comfort!

For movie lovers

Individual screens and earphones available in both classes allow you to enjoy a large selection of movies on board our Airbus A330/A340 aircraft. Your movie library includes current Hollywood and Bollywood box office hits, documentaries, children's movies, and more. On board the A340-300E and the A330-200, the interactive AVOD (Audio & Video On Demand) system allows you to have control over movie viewing and enjoy movies at your own pace throughout the flight.
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For music lovers

The music selection is equally vast and includes famous albums by artists around the world. We offer you all genres - pop, rock, jazz, Local Mauritian, classical music, and more - and let you listen to your favorite pieces and discover many more.

For "gamers"

On board the A340-300E and the A330-200, video games for one or more players are also available. A perfect way to have fun with friends or make the flight as enjoyable for your children as for yourself!