Non-European Routes
The baggage allowance per passenger (adult or child over 2 years) for Non-European Air Mauritius flights is as follows:

Economy Class 23 Kg*
Business Class 30 Kg*

*Please note that your tickets will show the above baggage allowance.

Economy Class 15 Kg


Please note that for any piece of checked baggage, the maximum weight is 32 kg and the dimensions (length + width + height) should not exceed 158 cm. For dimensions exceeding 158 cm up to a maximum of 300 cm, a surcharge of EUR 300 will apply. If dimensions exceed 300 cm, prior arrangements have to be made for your baggage to be carried as cargo as such oversized baggage will not be allowed as checked baggage at check-in. Please contact an for more information.


For through check-in from Europe to Rodrigues, passengers must pay the applicable fees for weight exceeding 15 kg on the Mauritius-Rodrigues route. The excess baggage fees will be charged at the boarding point in Europe.

Travel between Mauritius and Australia

For travel between Mauritius and Australia on AIR MAURITIUS / VIRGIN AUSTRALIA joint fares only, a checked baggage allowance of 30 kg will apply to Economy Class passengers and 40 kg to Business Class passengers. For passengers who are entitled to additional baggage allowances on Air Mauritius flights (e.g Students or Kestrelflyer members), please note that the additional baggage entitlements will not apply on VIRGIN AUSTRALIA.

Below procedure applies for excess baggage between Mauritius and Australia on VIRGIN AUSTRALIA:
When passenger checks in at (for example) Melbourne
1. The excess baggage amount will be collected for the Melbourne Perth sector. For example, if ticket reads 30 kgs (as per Air Mauritius ticketed baggage allowance) and Virgin Australia authorizes only 23 kgs, Virgin Australia will charge the difference between Air Mauritius ticketed baggage allowance and Virgin Australia’s baggage allowance.
2. Virgin Australia will provide the passenger a transfer wallet with the bag tags and the total weight of the bag(s).
3. Upon arrival, the passenger will not need to pick up her/his bags as she/he would be through checked to Mauritius.
4. When the passenger will check-in for the Air Mauritius Flight, she/he will need to show the check-in Staff, her/his transfer wallet and he/she will be charged by Air Mauritius for any additional excess baggage at the Air Mauritius excess baggage rate.

When passenger checks in Mauritius to (for example) Melbourne
The passenger will have to clear customs at Perth, then re-check in with Virgin Australia at the transfer desk in Perth, and Virgin Australia will charge its excess baggage rate for the Perth Melbourne sector.

For travel between Mauritius and Australia on AIR MAURITIUS / QANTAS joint fares only, please note that QANTAS baggage entitlements will apply on the domestic connecting flights.
For travel on other airlines, their normal baggage allowance will apply.

Australia - Rodrigues

Passengers travelling on this route on Air Mauritius will have a total baggage allowance of 30 kg.This luggage entitlement will apply for all the sectors on the route namely Australia-Mauritius and vice versa as well as Mauritius-Rodrigues and vice versa.

To benefit from the above entitlement on Rodrigues route, the following conditions apply :

Passengers must be travelling on a single through ticket without stopover at any point in Australia nor in Mauritius.
Baggage must be through checked from originating port in Australia or Rodrigues.
In the event that flights between Mauritius and Rodrigues are subject to weight restrictions, it may happen that the passenger’s baggage will not be carried on the same flight but should in principle be transported on the next available Air Mauritius flight.


Students are entitled to a baggage allowance of 40 kg, if they are traveling on student fares.

Students who are kestrelflyer Gold or Silver cardholders and are already granted 40 kg of luggage on their ticket, will be allowed additional luggage as per their kestrelflyer membership entitlement upon presentation of their card at the airport. This will apply provided student is travelling on the basis of student fares and point to point travel.

Applicable rates will be charged for any piece of luggage over and above the allowed pieces.

Supporting Documents to be produced at the ticketing counter for ticket issuance and also at the airport for check purposes:
Passport with Student Visa + 1 photocopy of same
Proof of Registration As Overseas Student + 1 photocopy of same

Kestrelflyer Gold & Silver cardholders

Kestrelflyer members benefit from an additional baggage allowance as indicated below:
Maurice-Rodrigues vv Other flights
Kestrelflyer Gold 8 Kg 12 Kg
Kestrelflyer Silver 5 Kg 8 Kg

Kestrelflyer Gold & Silver cardholders may redeem 18,400 miles for an additional baggage (not exceeding 23 kg) beyond their free baggage allowance as per the frequent flyer programme.

Non-European routes - Excess baggage fees

The excess baggage fees per kg are as follows:-

From / To To Mauritius From Mauritius
Airport Rate Pre-sell Rate* Airport Rate Pre-sell Rate*
Perth** AUD 25 AUD 20 MUR 700 MUR 560
Kuala Lumpur MYR 75 MYR 60 MUR 700 MUR 560
Singapore SGD 30 SGD 25 MUR 700 MUR 560
Hong Kong HKD 220 HKD 175 MUR 800 MUR 640
Shanghai / Beijing CNY 200 CNY 160 MUR 800 MUR 640
Mumbai / Chennai / Bengaluru INR 1200 INR 960 MUR 600 MUR 480
Delhi INR 1500 INR 1200 MUR 700 MUR 560
Johannesburg / Durban ZAR 80 ZAR 65 MUR 250 MUR 200
Cape Town ZAR 100 ZAR 80 MUR 300 MUR 240
Nairobi USD 15 USD 12 MUR 400 MUR 320
Rodrigues MUR 100 - MUR 100 -
Antananarivo USD 9 USD 7 MUR 250 MUR 200
St. Denis, Pierrefonds EUR 4 EUR 4 MUR 125 MUR 100
From / To To Europe
Australia AUD 35 AUD 30 - -
* Pre-sell rates are available from Air Mauritius ticket offices, call centre, or a travel agent up to 48 hours before departure, and for a maximum of 30 kgs.
** The following excess baggage rates will apply for travel between Mauritius and Australia on Air Mauritius/Virgin Australia routings:
From Mauritius to Australia via Perth - MUR 800 per kg
To Mauritius from Australia via Perth – AUD 28 per kg

Routings via Mauritius for interlining passengers

Special excess baggage fees apply for passengers traveling via Mauritius on the following routings:

From To Rate per kg
Airport Rate Pre-sell Rate*
St. Denis / Pierrefonds Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi EUR 17 EUR 14
St. Denis / Pierrefonds Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Antananarivo EUR 10 EUR 10
St. Denis / Pierrefonds Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing EUR 20 EUR 16
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues ZAR 100 ZAR 80
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi ZAR 250 ZAR 200
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing ZAR 280 ZAR 225
Nairobi St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues USD 15 USD 12
Nairobi Mumbai , Chennai , Bengaluru , Delhi USD 25 USD 20
Nairobi Perth , Kuala Lumpur , Singapore , Hong Kong , Shanghai, Beijing USD 30 USD 25
Mumbai , Chennai , Bengaluru , Delhi St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban,Antananarivo INR 1500 INR 1200
Kuala Lumpur St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues, Cape Town, Durban MYR 75 MYR 60
Kuala Lumpur Antananarivo MYR 75 MYR 60
Singapore St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban SGD 30 SGD 25
Singapore Antananarivo SGD 30 SGD 25
Hong Kong St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues, Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi HKD 220 HKD 175
Hong Kong Antananarivo HKD 220 HKD 175
Shanghai, Beijing Antananarivo CNY 200 CNY 160
Shanghai, Beijing Johannesburg , Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues CNY 200 CNY 160
Perth Johannesburg , Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi, St. Denis, Pierrefonds, Rodrigues, Antananarivo AUD 25 AUD 20
* Pre-sell rates are available from Air Mauritius ticket offices, call centre, or a travel agent up to 48 hours before departure, and for a maximum of 30 kgs.