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The Vibrant Colours of Mauritius (Instagram Images)

Mauritius is a luminous and brilliant island that mesmerises visitors with its effervescence; changing its hues and vibrant colours throughout the day and year to produce incredible effects.

Many fans of Mauritius use the hashtag #airmauritius360 each day to capture all sides of the island and celebrate its blushes, shades, tints and inexplicable lustre as they pass before us. There’s something elemental about Mauritius that creates an emotional connection with Mauritians and travellers.

Below we pick some recent Instagram favourites that have caught our eye. Thanks to everyone who has shared pictures and we hope to see some more #airmauritius360 images soon.

This waterfall shot ('Eau Bleue') from @ashv33n is full of escapist promise amongst lush, tropical vegetation. Can you feel yourself breaking into the vivid sheen of the lake for a swim?

We think this snap beautifully captures the vibrant colours of Mauritius

This image from @asusty of a fisherman underneath the moon captures the contrasting beauty of the colours on the island.

The pink sky creates the perfect backdrop for this scenic fishing scene

The stillness and pure colours of this boat shot in natural surroundings by @naweedpixs really impressed us.

The ocean is such a vibrant colour in this beautiful photograph

Mountains in Mauritius offer a different side to the island visitors will love – see how the sunshine glows through this image by @ashv33n.

A great sunset photo encompassing the beauty of the Mauritian mountains

A road meanders through purple and lilac covered trees. It looks like France but is actually Mauritius. Thanks @johns_click.

We love the vibrant purple of these Mauritian trees

The intense, sumptuous and vibrant colours of an hindu wedding captured by @dikshpotter.

This photo beautifully captures the vibrant colours of an Indian wedding

Port Louis’ streets reveal pockets of sunlight through the colourful shade. Thanks to @jadeschiff.

The umbrellas of Port Louis are a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour

An island with a view: the island’s panoramic promise for all to see (image @ashv33n).


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