Launched in July 2014, the A330-900neo completes Airbus’ new generation Wide body Family. These new generation aircraft can efficiently serve markets on sectors from as short as 30 minutes, to over 15 hours flying time – making them true long-range capable aircraft.

Our two A330-900neo, named ‘Aapravasi Ghat’ and ‘Chagos Archipelago’ in reference to Mauritius’ history, embody the exclusive ‘Airspace by Airbus’ concept whereby passengers are offered the most modern in-flight products including the quietest cabin in its category for an utmost comfortable flying experience. Business class passengers will also enjoy the full-flat seat facilities and economy class passengers will appreciate the 18-inch-wide seats arrangements with additional leg space.


New Airspace Cabin

The A330neos will usher the brand-new Airspace by Airbus cabin concept, a consumer-centric cabin developed with passengers at heart and airlines in mind around the four pillars: Comfort, Ambience, Service and Design. These cabin options will ensure that the A330neos will set the benchmark in passenger experience and airline value, alongside its wide body partner, the A350 XWB.

A major feature of the A330neos’s Airspace cabin is a new outer/lateral overhead bin design which affords passengers more carry-on stowage. Airbus’ cabin designers have improved the capacity by about 66 percent by allowing five bags to be placed in each four-frame bin instead of three in the current bin. The superior design of the storage space reduces boarding time and ensures passengers can stow their luggage above their own seats.

The A330neos LED lighting offers up to 16.7 million possible colour variations and a large range of predetermined scenarios that is capable of recreating desired moods during the flight.

In addition, passengers will appreciate the same HD viewing resolution, as well as the generous legroom as on the A350 XWB thanks to the fourth-generation IFE’s electronics, which minimise intrusion of electronics boxes in the foot area. On-board wireless services (access to an intranet portal including streaming capability), and High Bandwidth Connectivity services will also benefit passengers, with an unprecedented freedom of choice for airlines among the latest technologies available.

Other notable options of Airspace include lavatories features like LED mood lighting or touchless surfaces and a range of new modular Space-Flex galley/lavatory options which maximise trolley capacity while offering various wheelchair accessible lavatory configurations to suit individual airline requirements. In addition, the sanitary ware and antibacterial surfaces with visual cues and decals help passengers to make a more obvious connection that they are in a hygienic space. Other details include touchless flushing and taps, discreet aroma dispensers and soothing, ambient sounds.


Air Mauritius A330neo