Become an MK Ambassador

MK Ambassador

What is MK Ambassadors?

It’s a community for fans of Mauritius and Air Mauritius.

We wanted to find a way to reward the people we love who love us. And this is it.

It’s a simple way share exclusive content about our destination and brand.

You'll see a range of content we think you’ll want to post. There will be things to try, recipes to cook, even events to go to and review, all related to who we are and what we do.

If you're a blogger, you'll have access to exclusive content to blog about.

By getting involved, you can earn points and badges. The more you earn, the more exclusive content and events you'll be eligible for.

Occasionally, we’ll give rewards to members of our community, so look out for them.

Who is MK Ambassadors for?

This is an exclusive community for people who love us to become part of this community so we can engage with you and reward you.

You need to be active on social media as MK Ambassadors is all about sharing the love.

How do you know what content I'd like to share?

When you are invited to join MK Ambassadors, we will assign you to a 'programme'.

Programmes are a way for you to get involved with us at an exclusive level, based on the things you and your network are interested in.

For example, if you love Mauritius, you may be invited to join our ‘Mauritius Memories’ programme.

We will try and make sure we provide you with content that is relevant to you - and crucially, your friends, fans and followers.

How often should I post content from MK Ambassadors?

Our focus is on quality over quantity – wisely chosen content shares you know your friends, fans and followers will enjoy and engage with are more important than sharing a lot of content.

Do I have to take part in a programme once I've joined?

Absolutely not. If there isn't anything you feel you would want to share with your friends and followers, don't share it.

We work hard to make sure we match programmes to your interests, but being an advocate is all about quality, not quantity.

We only want you to share content your social network will enjoy, engage with and share themselves.

What are points and badges?

Your MK Ambassadors Points represent your engagement as an exclusive member of this community.

The higher your score, the more programmes and badges you’ll be eligible for.

Some badges and programmes have the opportunity for certain advocates to receive special thanks from us and you can compare yourself with others in the community on our leaderboard.

How do I earn points?

You earn points by taking part in programmes suited to your interests.

You’ll get points for:
taking part in a programme
sharing content
people reading and engaging with the things you post
being creative when posting content via MK Ambassadors.