At the airport
Before you fly with Air Mauritius, here is some useful information to help you through the airport.

Check-in times

At an international airport, security procedures may sometimes slow down due to many people travelling. Our practical tip to make sure that you don't miss your flight: check in at the Air Mauritius counter at least 3 hours before your departure time.

Premium check-in

Business Class passengers can check in at a special counter available at all airports, except at Reunion and Rodrigues airports.

Security checks

At Air Mauritius, we take security very seriously. For this reason, we ask all our passengers to submit to the security checks required before boarding. Any passenger who refuses a security check will unfortunately be denied boarding. Note that some items are not allowed in the cabin. Please refer to information on Hand Baggage

Security enhanced at Perth airport with introduction of a body scanner

As part of Commonwealth Government regulations to enhance airport security in Australia, a body scanner has been introduced at Perth Airport's International Terminal (T1) in December 2012.
The body scanner will be used to screen outbound passengers at the international passenger screening point, in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors.
Passengers will be randomly selected for screening by the new body scanner. Consistent with current practices, anyone who refuses to undergo a body scan without valid reason will be not permitted to enter the departures lounge or board their flight.
This rule applies equally to airport staff, pilots and cabin crew.
Body scanners are currently used at airports in other countries including the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and the Netherlands. Perth Airport is one of eight airports across Australia to install body scanners in December this year.
The scanners are safe and use radio frequency energy (similar to mobile phones and wireless network devices), not x-ray technology.
People's privacy is protected as the scanner displays a generic “stick figure” image with no identifying features. The body scanner cannot store any personal or identifying information about passengers.


Before boarding, Business Class passengers and Kestrelflyer Elite card holders have access to private lounges.

Boarding gate closing times

In order to ensure that our flights are on time, we ask you to arrive at your boarding gate at the time indicated on your boarding pass. If you fail to arrive on time, you may miss your flight.


Air Mauritius operations entered a new era on 12 September 2013 with the total and definitive move to the New Terminal Building.
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Upgrading at airport

Subject to seat availability, if you hold an Economy Class ticket, you can request an upgrade to Business Class at SSR International Airport in Mauritius (for an additional fee). Please contact our staff at check-in.


You can secure your luggage using the plastic wrapping service provided by World Safe Wrap Limited in the departure hall of SSR International Airport of Mauritius. Consider this service !


Air Mauritius provides improved services to transit passengers at Perth airport. Read more


In some airports, boarding gates may be located far from check-in counters. Check where your boarding gate is located and allow the necessary time to arrive there before closure.

New liquid compliance bags provided for use on control posts as from 24th May 2013

New liquid compliance bag

Specifications of the bag remain the same, it is plastic, transparent, capable of being re-sealed and no bigger than 1 litre in capacity. An individual can only take one liquid bag per person and all his/her liquids, aerosols and gels must fit inside, with the bag completely closed. Additionally, each individual container within the bag must have a maximum capacity no greater than 100ml.

If a person chooses to bring his/her own, he/she must ensure that it complies with the requirements above. Zip-top bags are ok, provided the zip creates a complete seal (e.g. freezer bags) and runs the complete length of the bag. If the bag is not of a standard shape and not marked as being 1 litre in capacity , these persons will be asked to put their liquids in one of the provided bags to ensure that the right amount of liquids are permitted through security.

The liquids bag must be removed from other baggage and will be screened separately.