Bringing Products of Animal Origin into the EU
Bagages particuliers
Due to the risk of travelers importing disease into the European Union, all personal consignments of meat, meat products, milk and milk products are prohibited to enter the EU with the exception of powdered infant milk, infant food and special foods required for medical reasons provided that:
the product does not require refrigeration before consumption
it is a packaged proprietary brand product
the packaging is unbroken
You may only bring in other consignments of meat, meat products, milk or milk products into the EU if:
you have obtained the necessary documentation from the official veterinary services of the country from which you are travelling stating that the goods conform to the requirements for entry into the EU
you declare any such goods and present your documentation on your arrival to an authorized EU border inspection post for veterinary control
All meat, meat products, milk or milk products not conforming to these rules must be surrendered on arrival to the frontier of the European Union for official disposal.
Failure to declare such items may result in a fine or criminal prosecution.

For food of animal origin other than meat, meat products, milk and milk products, you may bring up to 1 kg, if authorized, without submitting it for veterinary control.
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