Career FAQ

How do I find out what jobs are available?

A list of all open positions can be accessed by clicking on "Vacancies". If there are no openings, a message will be displayed to notify you.

We also advertise in the local Mauritian press. For some specific jobs, we post advertisements in international airline-related magazines.

How can I apply for a job ?

You need to fill in the appropriate Application form which can be downloaded here

For Pilot positions, a specific Pilot Application form must be filled in.

If the job has been advertised, you will need to specify the reference in the Application form.

Do I need to submit the relevant documents together with the application form ?

Yes, the relevant documents that are specified in the advertisement must be submitted with the Application Form. If you are posting your application form electronically, then you need to attach the electronic format of the documents.

Where do I send my job application?

You can send your application by post to the following address:

The Recruitment Cell
Air Mauritius Centre
Human Resources Department
16th Floor
President John Kennedy Street

or by email to the following address:

How do you select people?

Initial selection is based on the entry criteria as mentioned in the job advertisement. On the basis of your application, you may be invited to attend a series of interviews and/or assessment sessions. These will be conducted by a panel of recruitment specialists and managers from the business area of your application.

What happens to my application details if I am not successful?

If your application is not successful, we will retain your details for one year for consideration in case there are opportunities in the future. You can also apply at any time for other positions.

If I applied for a position but do not get called for an interview, will I be contacted?

If you apply for a particular position, you will only be called if you have been found to meet the criteria for an interview in competition with other candidates. You will then be contacted within a reasonable time frame of the application close-off date. If you are not contacted, you have been unsuccessful for this job application.

On what basis will I not be short-listed for an interview?

If you are not short-listed for an advertised post, you may not have met all the minimum requirements, or you may not have submitted the required documents with the application form.

What opportunities are there for career progression in Air Mauritius ?

Air Mauritius encourages career progression within the company and supports employees in preparing for job advancement. Skills upgrading is however an ongoing process where the employee takes a leading role. When vacancies arise, we advertise internally and give the opportunity for an employee to advance in his/her chosen career path through internal promotion/selection.