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Check-In & Boarding

Find out rules and relevant information on check-in and boarding below.

Check baggage6.1 Check-in Deadlines are different at every airport and we recommend that you find out about these Check-in Deadlines and abide by them. Your journey will be smoother if you allow yourself ample time to comply with the Check-in Deadlines.

We or our Authorised Agents will advise you of the Check-in Deadline for your first flight with us. This deadline will in no circumstances be less than 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. For any subsequent flights in your journey, you should find out about the Check-in Deadlines as our timetables may not contain information.

6.2 If you do not complete the check-in process by the check-in deadline, we may cancel your reservation and not carry you. Completing check-in process means that you have received your boarding pass for your flight. You must arrive at the boarding gate not later than the time specified by us when you check-in.

6.3 We may cancel the seat reserved for you on the aircraft if you fail to arrive at the boarding gate on the time specified on your boarding pass.

6.4 We will not be liable to you for any loss or expense incurred due to your failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.