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Tickets for carriage

Find below the relevant information regarding tickets for carriage.

Check baggage3.1 General Provisions

3.1.1 We will provide carriage only to the Passenger named in the Ticket, and you may be required to produce appropriate proof of your identity.

3.1.2 A Ticket is not transferable.

3.1.3 Some Tickets are sold at discounted fares which may be partially or completely non-refundable. You should choose the fare best suited to your needs. You may also wish to ensure that you take appropriate insurance to cover instances where you have to cancel your Ticket.

3.1.4 Your ticket is our property at all times if it was issued by us or our authorised agents. If your ticket was issued by or on behalf of another airline, it is the property of the airline which issued it. Except in the case of an Electronic Ticket, you shall not be entitled to be carried on a flight unless you present to us a valid Ticket containing the Flight Coupons for that flight and all other unused Flight Coupons and the Passenger Coupon. You shall not be entitled to be carried on a flight if the Ticket presented is torn or damaged or it has been altered unless we or our Authorised Agent made the alteration. In the case of an Electronic Ticket, you shall not be entitled to be carried on a flight unless you provide proof of your identity and a valid Electronic Ticket has been duly issued in your name.

3.1.5 A ticket is a valuable document and you have to ensure it is not lost or stolen.

3.2 Period of Validity

3.2.1 Except as otherwise provided on the Ticket in these Conditions of Carriage, or in any applicable Tariffs, a Ticket is valid for:

  • one year from the date it is issued,
  • or subject to your first flight occurring within one year from the date of issue, one year from the date of your first flight using the Ticket

3.2.2 When you are prevented from travelling within the period of validity of the Ticket because at the time you requested for a reservation we were unable to confirm same, the validity period of such Ticket will be extended, or you may be entitled to a refund in accordance with Article 10.

3.2.3 If, after beginning your journey, you become ill and your illness prevents you from travelling on your next flight within the validity period of your ticket, we extend the period of validity of your ticket until the date when you become fit to travel or until our first flight after such date, from the point where the journey is resumed on which space is available in the class of service for which the fare has been paid. Such illness must be attested by a medical certificate which states the facts relating to your illness and which confirms the date you will be fit to travel again (the recovery date). When the flight coupons remaining in the Ticket, or in the case of an Electronic Ticket, the electronic coupon, involve one or more Stopovers, the validity of such Ticket may be extended for not more than three months from the recovery date shown on such medical certificate. In such circumstances we will similarly extend the period of validity of Tickets of other members of your immediate family accompanying you.

3.2.4 In the event of death of a Passenger en route, the Tickets of persons accompanying the passenger may be modified by waiving the minimum stay conditions or by extending the validity of the tickets. In the event of death in the immediate family of a Passenger who has commenced travel, the validity of the Passenger's Tickets and those of his or her immediate family who are accompanying the Passenger may likewise be modified. Any such modification shall be made upon receipt of a valid death certificate and any such extension of validity shall not be for a period longer than forty-five (45) Days from the date of the death.

3.3 Refund on Lost Ticket

3.3.1 If you lose your Ticket or part of it, upon furnishing us with satisfactory proof of the loss, and paying us a reasonable administration charge, refund will be made to you as soon as practicable after the expiry of the validity period of the Ticket, on condition:

(a) That the lost Ticket, or part of it, has not been used previously, refunded or replaced, (except where the use, refund or replacement by or to a third party resulted from our own negligence) and

(b) That the person to whom the refund is made undertakes, in such form as may be prescribed by us, to repay to us the amount refunded in the event if fraud and/or the lost Ticket or part of it is used by a third party.

3.3.2 The above will not apply if any fraud or use by a third party resulted from our negligence.

3.3.3 If we or our Authorised Agent lose the Ticket or part of it, the loss shall be our responsibility.

3.4 Coupon Sequence and Use

3.4.1 The Ticket you have purchased is valid only for the transportation as shown on the Ticket, from the place of departure through any Agreed Stopping Places to the final destination. The fare you have paid is based upon our Tariff for the transportation shown on the Ticket. The Ticket will not be honoured and will lose its validity if all the Coupons are not used in the sequence provided in the Ticket.

3.4.2 Should you wish to change any aspect of your transportation, you must contact us beforehand. The fare for your changed transportation will be calculated and you will be given the option of either accepting the revised fare or maintaining your original transportation as ticketed. Should you be required to change any aspect of your transportation due to Force Majeure, you must contact us as soon as possible. We will use reasonable efforts to transport you to your next stopover or final destination, without recalculation of the fare.

3.4.3 Should you change your transportation without our agreement, we will assess the correct price for your actual travel. You will have to pay any difference between the price you have paid and the total price applicable for your revised transportation. We will refund you the difference if the new price is lower but otherwise, your unused Coupons will have no value and will not be valid.

3.4.4 While some type of change to your transportation will not result in a change of fare, other, such as changing the place of departure (for example if you do not use the first flight coupon in your ticket or reverse the direction you travel), can result in an increase in fare. Many fares are valid only on the dates and for the flights shown on the Ticket and may not be changed at all, or only upon payment of an additional free.

3.4.5 Each Flight Coupon contained in your Ticket will be accepted for transportation in the class of service on the date and flight for which space has been reserved. When a Ticket is originally issued without a reservation being specified, space may be later reserved by you subject to our Tariff and the availability of space on the flight requested.

3.4.6 In the event that you fail to cancel a booking before the check-in deadline for your flight and do not show up for the flight, we may cancel your return or onward reservations. If you cancel a booking before the check-in deadline for your flight, we will not cancel your return or onward reservation.

3.5 Our Name and Address

Our name may be abbreviated to our Airline Designator Code on the Ticket. Our address is 19th Floor Air Mauritius Centre, President John Kennedy Street, Port Louis, Mauritius.