About Us
Air Mauritius has set up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unit which has for prime function to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision-making and be accountable for the impact of its decisions and activities in society and the environment. This implies both transparent and ethical behaviour that contribute to sustainability of the Company, being in compliance with applicable law and is consistent with international norms of behaviour.

As part of the awareness programme, the CSR unit met the internal stakeholders, members of the unions, enabling them to have a better understanding of the concept of Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility. The following key objectives were met:

(i) CSR Strategy
A CSR strategy was developed with the assistance of Prof. Michael Hopkins from UK and the Company’s aim is to be in line with best practices in the airline industry with regards to Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility. The Company is embarking on the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility.

(ii) IATA Environmental Assessment
The Corporate Social Responsibility unit of Air Mauritius hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop on Aviation Environment based on the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program. Various departments of Air Mauritius were represented at the workshop as well as representatives of the Company’s business partners based at the Airport namely, Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML), Airport Terminal Operations Limited (ATOL) and Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to improve the environmental performance of the Company whilst involving the various departments cross-functionally and also its direct business partners at the airport to benefit the reduced regulatory compliance risk, improved financial benefits from resource saving and demonstration of good environmental governance.

(iii) Bringing an Ebony Forest Back to Ebène
As one of the stakeholders of the Business Parks of Mauritius Limited (BPML) where part of employees are based particularly at Ebène Cyber City, Air Mauritius contributed to the initiative of having an endemic mini-park at Ebène, thus benefiting the employees and visitors to use and enjoy, particularly during lunch time and breaks. Air Mauritius through its volunteer group of employees participated in the first phase of the project in the clean-up campaign together with other stakeholders by removing 320 kgs of solid wastes and 100 kgs of recyclables.

(iv) Save a life - Give Blood
Air Mauritius employees as responsible corporate citizens contributed more than 180 pints of blood to the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life to maintain the stock level of blood bank.
(v) Fight against gender-based violence
Air Mauritius Managers having a mixed workforce under their purview met with the Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSSR) unit and the representative of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare and elaborated on the issue of productivity at work linked with gender based violence.

(vi) Assisting Needy Children
Air Mauritius and its employees joined together to donate educational materials to 200 needy children of the Tombeau Bay, Cite La Cure and at the Curepipe Shelter to support and encourage them in their schooling.

(vii) Environment
The One Take-off One Tree program gained momentum through increased involvement of Rodriguans who planted 4,727 endemic trees on the island. Furthermore, Air Mauritius through its partner Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF) conducted an awareness program to the young generation of Rodrigues between 12-20 years on the importance of conservation works on rare plants and species, habitat restoration, effect of climate change, impact of human activities on the environment and measures to reduce related hazard. In addition, 4,277 trees were planted in the mainland as well on the Round Island and Ile aux Aigrettes. Air Mauritius volunteer group participated with the staff of MWF in creating a nesting site at Ile aux Aigrettes for the birds. They also participated in the weeding and planting of plants at Mondain and in removing domestic wastes at the Ile Aux Phares as part of the sustainable projects for responsible tourism.

(viii) Social Development Goals (SDGs)
In collaboration with the NGO Association Airline Ambassadors and the Paille en Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius, a mini symposium was held and the 14 Social Development Goals of the United Nations were enumerated and linked with the Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility. On that same occasion, the project of protecting the children from sexual exploitation was launched giving the outgoing passengers the possibility to contribute to the good cause by donating their unused coins to the NGO, Association Airline Ambassadors.