Chamarel and the coloured earth

The coloured earth of Mauritius
Have you ever visited a place where magic is in the air? Chamarel is one of them. Many visitors fall under the charm of this village in the mountains above the southwest coast.
Chamarel is firstly known for its Coloured Earth that is unique in the world. They spread their special palette under the sun: orange, purple, yellow, pink, light blue. Several scientific theories have been disclosed about this geological feature, one of which being that the varied colour of the earth results from exposure of volcanic ash to air and erosion. Another mystery is that when the colours are mixed, they naturally become separate again after a while.
Chamarel’s undulating landscape spreads its fields of pineapple, sugarcane and vegetables. Agriculture is the daily occupation for some of the inhabitants, including the first Rasta community of the island, born at the heart of this tranquil environment. Music is also omnipresent in the village with the Sega rhythm.
The villagers show natural hospitality that shows in the many tables d’hôte offering a range of delights from the authentic Mauritian cuisine. Further up the main road, the rum distillery offers guided tours and tasting of its international award-winning products. The gastronomic restaurant showcases products from the property, including venison meat, fruits, and vegetables.
Away from the winding road, the Chamarel waterfall exuberantly runs off 100 meters cliff. When leaving the village, the panoramic view stretches over the southwest coast, with its turquoise lagoon, the Benitier Island and the majestic Le Morne Mountain silhouetted in the background. A whole world in one picture...