Port-Louis: A city break

Port Louis
Port Louis, the capital city, is a rendezvous for picturesque. Leave the beach for a while and have a city break into the mishmash of business, trade, historic sites and shopping.
From the north entrance of Port Louis, the city spreads out at the foot of mountains. Place D'Armes lined with royal palms, makes the link between the Government House and the waterfront. The harbour welcomes cargo ships and cruise ships from all across the globe and this generates intense economic life in the streets and shopping blocks through the city.
The Caudan Waterfront offers famous brands shopping as well as a great range of crafts. One can also watch local performing artists - young jazzmen, portrait painters and sculptors among others.

Another "must" of the capital, the Central Market carries all the characteristics of the "bazaar". Spicy scents emanate from the tropical fruits and vegetables stalls and clothes and crafts galleries. Herbalists offer local traditional medicine and the merchants invite you to taste the local specialties.
Port Louis also recounts a few episodes of the history of Mauritius through its buildings and monuments. The city’s theatre is the oldest in the Indian Ocean and the Aapravasi Ghat, that pays tribute to the Indian indentured labourers, counts as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Fort Adelaide was built under the British colonisation and now houses cultural activities and duty free shops. Lower down, the Champ De Mars is the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere and welcomes the gamblers and a colourful crowd during the weekends.

The local cultural diversity also shows through worship places such as the magnificent Jummah Mosque with a beautifully-ornate facade, the St. Louis Cathedral which spreads across the road from the Supreme Court, or the Kwan Tee Pagoda, the oldest of the island. Chinatown in Port- Louis is a must with its street vendors, its small jumble-crowded shops and its bustling ambiance that culminates during the yearly festival or the celebration of Chinese New Year.