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Paris – The Ultimate Romantic Break

One of the most visited and most romantic cities in the world!

Tour Eiffel
From the Eiffel Tower to the Champ Élysées, the City of Lights is filled with amazing sights. Discover the Louvre, world’s greatest museum, and its famous pyramid in the yard. Stroll along the narrow typical streets, enjoy a coffee on a terrace and taste the fine cuisine and bakery! 

Have more time to enjoy the city? Forget about being a tourist and live like a true parisian: Take the metro or walk to Le Marais, have a warm coffee in a typical brasserie, shop in the authentic streets while discovering the chic atmosphere of this area.





Walk through Notre Dame, and have lunch in the rue Saint André des Arts. Spend the beginning of your afternoon in the Jardin du Luxembourg, take a rest in this peaceful environment, before continuing your day, walking around the narrows streets, entering the old fashioned bookstores or so… If you are not too tired, have a drink in the Latin area or close to the Strasbourg Saint Denis metro station. 

The most pleasant time to visit France is in the Spring.


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