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Winged Seduction : Birds Of Paradise

Photographer Tim Laman and ornithologist Ed Scholes have spent the better part of a decade trying to document all 39 species of Birds of Paradise. Their mission takes them to one of the last wild places on earth, New Guinea.

400 Million Dollar Rock

The world’s largest emerald is unearthed in Brazil in 2001. The resulting tale of deceit and folly is almost too bizarre to be believed. No fewer than eight claimants are tussling for control of a specimen appraised at around $400 million.

The Web Of Life

A fascinating series that illustrates the relationships between species that make up the drama that is life on Earth. Each program concentrates on a specific animal and shows how this animal affects the others that share its ecosystem.

Fabulous Animals

Vampires, unicorns and sea monsters all have their origins in real, living animals.Through breathtaking wildlife footage, animation and re-enactments, Fabulous Animals features the creatures that gave birth to the myths and legends.

Nelson Mandela

"This award winning documentary traces the life of Nelson Mandela from his early years spent within the inner circle of tribal royalty to his days as a young black lawyer and activist struggling to end the racist system of apartheid. "

Travelling Gourmet

Series about gastronomy and the art of living dedicated to the greatest chefs, their recipes and their ambience. The programs reflect the art of living and the culinary art, shot in luxurious places and on sumptuous landscapes.

How It's Made

How It's Made offers viewers a first-hand look at how deceptively simple objects are constructed by visiting dozens of assembly lines where raw materials become finished products right before the viewers' eyes.


"The National Dance Centre : Architectures looks at the French National Dance Centre built in 2004. An architectural overhaul that necessarily owes its success to the monumental strength of the original building. "


Superhomes goes behind the gates of some of the world's most expensive houses to profile the super-rich and the people who live in, sell and service their homes.

Architects On The Frontline

"If society has an influence on architecture, the reverse is also true-some projects come to define a region.The series spans the globe charting projects from small innovative constructions to major ones that have revitalized entire cities. "

Design: Fender Stratocaster

What is the common point between Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, or the Shadows? The Fender "Stratocaster" guitar-the subject of a cult following since its inception in 1954. An innovative, high quality and easy to use instrument.

Chic International

This magazine deciphers trends in fashion, architecture, gastronomy and design, revealing a world of creativity. Innovation, the unusual, pleasure, and sustainable development are not just the stuff of creatives; they concern everyone!

The Winds Of Kerala

Southern India, and Kerala in particular, offers outstanding potential for sailing. Magnificent locations, fascinating encounters with the locals and superb stretches of water on which windsurfing has never been previously attempted.

Travel and Senses

First, you’ll be taken to an exclusive location in an exceptional surrounding, a region with a wealth of traditions to witness and gorgeous natural beauties to admire. Then, it’s time to titillate your palate with authentic delicious meals.

Blue Eyes At Shaolin

"The Shaolin Monastery is the mythical landmark of martial arts. Andreas is a Buddhist monk, living in Shaolin and studying Wushu. However, this novice stands apart from the other monks as the first westerner to be admitted into the order. "


Nicole Kidman: The story, the glamour, the film career, the gossips... each half hour portrait will get you very close to your favorite Hollywood Stars; this episode focuses in on the Australian beauty, Nicole Kidman.

Signé Chanel

"Ep1 :From the first sketches to being ready for sale, ""Signé Chanel"" plunges us into the mysteries of Haute Couture. We discover a world regulated by rituals which combines workers, fashion designers and clients. "

Le Marathon Du Medoc

The festival of wine and running used to be a well-kept secret, but in recent years it has begun to attract overseas runners too. People run disguised from one vineyard to another testing the famous Bordeaux wine along the way!

Chefs Around The World

Eckart Witzigmann will be visiting outstanding colleagues at their restaurants to present extraordinary recipes and exotic products. Each pit-stop of the “Chefs Around the World” is a mouth-watering portrait, a feast for the taste buds.


For more than a decade, New York's iconic Obscura Antiques & Oddities shop has been the foremost destination for one-of-a-kind, bizarre-and often shocking-artifacts.However, at Obscura, the people are even more eccentric than the products.

The Horsemen

From Mongolia to Argentina, the cowboys of America to the proud Arab horseriders, this series takes viewers on a voyage around the world to discover how these men have preserved their traditional way of life and their passion for horses.

Flavors of Mauritius

"Discover the capital Port Louis, the famous Tamarin falls and the heavenly Pamplemousses garden. In this show we see Mauritius and its sister island Rodrigues truly are queens of the Indian Ocean. "

Mauritius- The Scented Isle…

Mauritius is the most cosmopolitan and traditional of the Indian Ocean's islands.Traces of the colonial past colour the culture and architecture of the island.

Through Your Eyes Madagascar

In this series you will experience the world differently by travelling the globe with Sophie, an exceptional blind journalist who discovers places through her other senses. Sophie proposes a unique perspective for a travel program.

MTV Coke Studio

MTV Coke Studio is a confluence of a diverse number of music genres, both vocal & instrumental, from traditional eastern, to modern western and from regional to folk filmed in India.

Bonnto Klip

Bruno Raya hosts this entertaining show that features all the latest music videos from Mauritius.

London Live- Pop

Direct from the heart of London’s live music scene, this dynamic music programme features the world’s hottest artists of today and tomorrow.

Music Video Compilation

Music Videos from the hottest artists on the planet.


Shot over a period of two months from public vantage points and private offices, see the sights of London-in miniture!


In a black & white Paris, little creatures with paintbrushes decide to brighten up the city…


Revel in the aesthetic beauty of India as this short film captures the colour and contrasts that India has to offer.


Enjoy a visual insight into this hi-tech and wealthy city-state. Singapore is often referred to as Asia’s economic ‘tiger’.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is truly a city of cultural diversity and of contrasts with historic temples rubbing shoulders with space age buildings.


In this visual feast on African Safaris, immerse yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of Africa and all the wildlife it has to offer.

Hong Kong

"Hong Kong is a teeming commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. Amid the urban hustle there is also tranquility in the form of green spaces, beaches and mountain top views. "