Digital Publications (eReader)
Duty Free
Enjoy a superb selection of eNewspapers and eMagazines with our compliments.

Air Mauritius announces the arrival of an exciting new eReader service allowing our guests to read a wide range of international newspapers and magazines on their personal devices whenever they fly with us.

Up to 100 up-to-date digital newsstand titles from around the world are now ready for you to download and read at leisure prior your departure, in the lounge, in flight or at your destination.

How to use the Air Mauritius eReader?

There are two easy ways to enjoy the service when you travel with us:

1. Whenever you are in the Air Mauritius lounge and connected to the WiFi provided look out for posters and leaflets there about our eReader. You can scan the QR code displayed there or enter the unique web address into your Internet browser.
2. Download the Air Mauritius customer app and you can enter your valid PNR (booking reference) and surname for eReader access up to 48 hours before or after you travel with us.

When connected you are free to download whatever magazine editions you like, plus up to ten newspapers of your choice, and save them onto your device to read at leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many magazines and newspapers are available?

We currently host around 100 magazine and newspaper titles. We expect this offer to evolve as our customers use the eReader and we fi¬nd out what are the most popular contents.

Can someone access the publications from home just by visiting the eReader web address?

Access via web address is limited to customers in our airport lounge who are using our WiFi service. However, if you are a customer with a valid booking reference you can still download the Air Mauritius app at home and enjoy our publications there.

If I have the Air Mauritius app can I access the eReader in the airport lounge by entering my booking reference and not the web address?

Yes, you can.

Is the number of titles I can download limited?

You are welcome to download any number of magazines plus up to ten newspaper titles of your choice.

Can I keep my downloaded titles for as long as I wish?

Yes, you can.

What if I am not able to download any titles before I fly?

You will still have 48 hours after the flight to download and enjoy the publications via the Air Mauritius app.

If I have an Air France ticket to fly on an Air Mauritius aircraft can I use my booking reference to access the eReader from the Air Mauritius App?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.