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As from 01 April 2023, Air Mauritius customers may opt for a Meet & Assist service at London Heathrow airport, in United Kingdom.  This is a paid-for service wholly managed by DiamondAir International, directly billed to and payable by customers to the service provider. customers must book directly with DiamondAir International for below services.  


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Emergency hotline :

  • Office : +44 (0)20 8897 9183 (24 hour/7 days)
  • Mobile : +44 (0)7917 771610


Minimum pre-request: For any booking requirements within 24 hours, please call the above number. 

DiamondAir will confirm booking details by e-mail within 4 hrs of receipt of the request.


Cancellation of booking:

  • For Departure services only, where the flight delay or disruption was not announced prior to the passenger(s) arriving at the airport, DiamondAir’s Airport Agents shall remain on duty for a maximum of three (3) hours to assist with departure service, unless additional assistance is requested and DiamondAir agrees to provide this.
  • A Booking will relate to only one departure, one arrival or one transit, in each case whether there is one passenger or a group of passengers. Each Booking shall be considered a separate booking and shall be treated as such for no-shows and cancellation purposes.
  • No Show will be Full Charge.



Meet & assist service details


  • Passengers will be met by Airport Agent, at the top of the jet bridge, electric buggy will be provided dependant on location of gate.
  • Airport Agent will be identifiable by holding personalised, electronic meet sign.
  • Passengers will be assisted through Immigration via the appropriate and fastest channel.
  • Passengers will be assisted with collection of luggage, baggage porters can be arrange at an additional fee, upon request at time of booking.
  • Passengers will be escorted through Customs and out to onward mode of transportation.
  • Airport Agents will wait kerbside until passengers have left the airport campus.
  • In the event of a mishandled bag, Airport Agent will liaise with Airline in order to locate and repatriate the bag.



Check in


  • Airport Agent will contact the lead passenger 60 mins prior to their advised arrival time to the airport to check travel progress.
  • All passengers will be met kerbside from their vehicle, outside the departures terminal at a pre-determined time and place, agreed to with the passenger.
  • Passengers will be assisted with all check in procedures, ensuring check in is as quick and efficient as possible.
  • Passengers will be escorted through to the departure lounge via a fast track entrance (subject to eligibility), or will be expedited through security check points and border controls.
  • Passengers will be escorted to the airline departure lounge (subject to eligibility) or to a pay-to-use lounge unless requested otherwise by the passenger(s).
  • Passengers will be escorted directly to the gate if the flight is boarding or met by their Airport Agent at a pre-arranged time back at the departure lounge, when the flight is ready to board.
  • Passengers will be assisted through to the boarding gate / aircraft.
  • Airport Agents will remain on duty until the flight is airborne.


airportFlight Connections

  • If you have a connecting flight your Agent will escort you to your onward gate.





Special assistanceSpecial services

  • For us, everybody is a VIP so business travellers or families with children receive the same extraordinary level of service.