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Let’s move to Mauritius!


Most people who visit Mauritius for the first time often end up saying the phrase ‘let’s move to Mauritius!’ as their holiday draws to an close. For some though this dream has now become reality as the temptation of a Mauritian lifestyle and advantages of living on the island lure them here permanently.

Would you like to move to Mauritius?

This was the case for one London family who swapped a life in Battersea for the sunshine in Cap Malheureux, Mauritius according to this account in The Telegraph.

Alex and Brett Gregory-Peake took the leap with their young family around a year ago, leaving south-west London for a “great opportunity” in Mauritius that came with a three-year work placement.

Brett Gregory-Peake has became the chief executive of Royal Park, a beach and golf resort in the north of the island. “I had never been to Mauritius before and thought it just somewhere that honeymooners visited, but it is so much larger and more developed than I thought,” says Alex, 36, a brand manager for a textile business. “There are all sorts of opportunities for expats with management experience, in finance, retail or hospitality.”

Let's move to Mauritius!

Personal and financial security is certainly a big plus on the island as well as the opportunity to learn a new language at school and play dates for kids on the beach. But there’s also the other travel options. Brett says: “It’s also great having a whole different area of the world on your doorstep to explore. The island is well-supplied with frequent flights to Dubai and South Africa.”

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Would you like to move to Mauritius?

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