Kite surfing in Mauritius

Kite surfing
Colourful wings spin beautifully in the air around the island. Kite surfing amateurs and pros speed over the water and compete in spectacular jumps. With its vast emerald lagoon and favourable wind for most of the year, Mauritius has positioned itself as a prized destination for lovers of this sport
From March to November, the ten kite centres and schools around the island -most of them have licensed IKO instructors - welcome kite amateurs or future fans. With the first ones, they share the best spots while teaching the others the basics: new recruits start by standing in the lagoon and clinging to the wing while trying to master it. These schools also offer equipment for rent.

The best time for kite surf takes place from June to September, the full season of trade winds. At this time, the most famous spots on the island welcome many riders untangling their equipment on the beach before setting off on the lagoon covered with colourful sails. Obviously, Le Morne remains the favourite spot for experienced riders, not far from the surfer’s well-known One Eye wave. But the island also offers other good spots such as Cap Malhereux, Anse la Raie, Butte à l’Herbe, Poste Lafayette, Blue Bay or Baie du Cap. Before taking off, do not hesitate to check with locals about the characteristics of each spot in terms of wind, launching, currents and depth of the lagoon.

Kite surf has become so popular on the island that each year, riders from all over the world meet during the Kiteival, a unique and fun kite event. This tour around the island in different stages is open to all levels of kiters and offers some great downwinders experience. The event was initiated by a pioneer in kite surfing on the island. It is a great opportunity for riders to meet and to discover the best spots of the island and the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius. Kiteival also includes two days of friendly racing and skills competition.