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Notice of Watershed Meeting - Class B Meeting



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Notice is hereby given to the creditors of Air Mauritius Limited (Administrators Appointed) - (the “Company”) pursuant to section 237 of the Mauritius Insolvency Act 2009 (the “Act”) and an Order of the Supreme Court of Mauritius (Bankruptcy Division) dated 04 June 2021 in SC/COM/MOT/000300/2021, that the Watershed Meeting
(the “Meeting”) for the creditors of the Company will be held on 28 September 2021.

Notice is further given to the creditors of the Company that separate class meetings are being called for separate classes of creditors in accordance with section 232 of the Act. The Administrators have determined that there are 3 classes of creditors. They are as follows:
Class A – consisting of aircraft operating lessors
Class B – consisting of hedge counterparties
Class C – consisting of the general body of creditors

The 3 class meetings will be held at separate time intervals.

The Meeting for Class B creditors only is convened at 12:00 P.M. (Mauritius Time) on 28 September 2021.

Given the requirements of sanitary protocols in force due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Meeting will be held by means of audio conference and voting will be on an electronic platform.


The purpose of the Meeting is:
1. to review the report of the Administrators.
2. to consider the Administrators’ opinion and the reasons for that opinion on:
(i) whether it would be in the creditors’ interests for the Company to execute a deed of company arrangement; or
(ii) whether it would be in the creditors’ interests for the administration to end; or
(iii) whether it would be in the creditors’ interests for the Company to be placed in liquidation.
3. for the creditors of the Company to vote on and adopt any one of the above-mentioned resolutions.


Pursuant to sections 232 and 237 of the Act, the Administrators of the Company hereby inform the creditors that an email notification for the Meeting has been sent to all known creditors of the Company to their respective email addresses as per the Company’s books and records. The email notification includes details and the links for access and registration for the Meeting, the Administrators’ report, the statement setting out the Administrators’ opinion (with reasons for the opinion) as to the resolutions to be voted on at the Meeting, a draft deed of company arrangement substantially in the form to be adopted, appointing a Proxy and further instructions and information on the procedures be followed to attend and to vote at the Meeting.

Should any creditor of the Company have any queries or require further information as to the Meeting, please call during normal business hours in Mauritius or email the Administrators using the contact details below.

Dated this 21 September 2021

Mr A. Sattar Hajee Abdoula, FCA
Mr Arvindsingh K. Gokhool, FCCA
Air Mauritius Limited (Administrators Appointed)
C/o 9th Floor, Ebene Tower
52 Cybercity, Ebene 72201
Republic of Mauritius
Tel: (230) 467 3001
Email: [email protected]