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Press Communiqué 04 Mar 23- Operations to and from Rodrigues

Press Communiqué
04 Mar 2023


Operations to and from Rodrigues

Following recent events at Plaine Corail Airport in Rodrigues, today 04 March 2023, Air Mauritius wishes to inform its passengers that three flights were operated today to and from Rodrigues.

Consequently, passengers booked on flights MK 120/1, MK 130/1 and MK 140/1 operated by the ATR72-500 aircraft were confirmed on the three flights.

There is a common practice in Rodrigues to have ‘Go-show’ passengers.

‘Go show’ passengers are basically last-minute passengers buying tickets at the airport for the next available flights.

Some ‘Go show’ passengers were uplifted on flight MK 121 to Mauritius on a compassionate priority this morning as there were still seats available.

Unfortunately, that was not the case on flights MK 131 and MK 141 today.

Air Mauritius confirms that there were no flight cancellations on Friday 03 and on Saturday 04 March 2023 contrary to what has been reported by some media.

Four flights, namely MK 120/1, MK 130/1, MK 140/1 and MK 150/1 have been scheduled for Sunday 05 March 2023 to and from Rodrigues.

Air Mauritius wishes to reassure its passengers that the company always ensures to provide them with utmost service whilst fully complying with safety and regulatory requirements.



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