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Resumption of flights after the passage of cyclone Batsirai

Press Release
03 February 2022 – 06h00

Resumption of flights after the passage of cyclone Batsirai

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Due to current weather conditions, Air Mauritius wishes to inform its passengers that the following flights have been re-scheduled (all timings local):



Flight No.DestinationInitial departureNew departureExpected arrivalRemarks
MK851 Johannesburg 02Feb MK3851
03Feb 14H25
17H00 Rescheduled
MK851 Johannesburg 03Feb 10H25 12H50 Rescheduled
MK014 Paris CDG 02Feb MK3014
03Feb 10H30
19H25 Rescheduled
MK042 London 03Feb 22H15  06H40 As per schedule
MK014 Paris CDG 03Feb 22H40  07H35 As per schedule
MK748 Mumbai 03Feb 09h30 03Feb 11H30 19H10 Rescheduled
MK218 Saint                 Denis Reunion 02Feb   Postponed
MK218 Saint                 Denis Reunion 03Feb   Postponed
MK288 Antananarivo 03Feb   Postponed



Flight No. Flight Originating
Initial departureNew departureExpected arrivalRemarks
MK852 Johannesburg 01Feb MK2852
03Feb 03H30
03Feb 09H30 Rescheduled
MK852 Johannesburg 02Feb MK3851
03Feb 18H45
04Feb 00H45 Rescheduled
MK015 Paris CDG 01Feb MK2015
02Feb 19H50
10H15 Departed
MK015 Paris CDG 02Feb 17H20 03Feb 08H20 Departed
MK015 Paris CDG 03Feb 16h20 03 Feb 21H25 04 Feb 11H50 Rescheduled
MK749 Mumbai 03Feb 19H10 03Feb 21H10 04Feb 01h40 Rescheduled
Mk053 London 04Feb 16H00  05Feb 07H50 As per schedule
MK219 Saint Denis Reunion 02Feb   Postponed
MK219 Saint Denis Reunion 03Feb   Postponed
MK289 Antananarivo 03Feb   Postponed


The revised schedule above is subject to variations based on the evolution of weather conditions. We are closely monitoring the situation will adapt our operations accordingly.


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President John F. Kennedy Street, Port-Louis, Republic of Mauritius

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