Improved service at Perth International Airport
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With a view to better serve its passengers who are transiting through Perth, Air Mauritius has implemented the following measures at Perth International airport:

Customer Service Assistants
Air Mauritius has employed two Customer Service Assistants at Perth Airport to provide assistance to passengers on Air Mauritius flights with moving between domestic and international terminals. These staff will assist passengers with directions, enquiries, and where possible with baggage - particularly elderly passengers. They will be at the airport for every Air Mauritius flight operating during the peak period of December and January.
Improved Directional Signage
On Air Mauritius request, Perth Airport have implemented new directional signage in the terminals for the Terminal Transfer Bus.
Connecting domestic flights
Air Mauritius advises its passengers to allow extra time for transit and, where possible, encourages booking on earlier domestic flights. For example Virgin Australia has two connecting flights from Melbourne to Perth prior to the Air Mauritius departure from Perth to Mauritius. Passengers are advised to book the earlier flight to avoid any unnecessary stress or rush during the transit, particularly so for elderly passengers.
Tenser barriers to assist bus queuing
On Air Mauritius request, Perth Airport has installed Tenser Barriers to ensure a better way of queuing for the Terminal Transfer Bus. This will avoid people “jumping” queues and will provide a more orderly and fair process/movement.
Greater interaction from "Yellow Jackets"
These volunteer staff wearing "Yellow Jackets" are actively assisting Air Mauritius passengers as per their needs.