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3 reasons why wellness holidays are the hottest new trend for 2014

Wellness holidays

When it comes to wellness holidays, Mauritius is home to some of the most sought-after spa resorts on the planet, with cutting edge treatments and therapists at the top of their game. Will you be visiting us for a tune up this year?

If so, expect to see a shift towards fulfilling deep human needs as opposed to focusing on singular issues, with the aim of de-cluttering the mind in order to achieve a genuinely calm and peaceful inner life.

Here’s a few reasons why you should make wellness the focus of your next vacation:

1. You’ll be treated as a whole person

No one will stop you from visiting the spa for a quick massage or facial, but the benefits your spa resort can offer these days are so much more. To counteract today’s over stimulated society, the best therapists treat the entire person holistically, paying attention to body, mind, diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing.

Spa - outdoor

Often, you can enrich your experience by learning a new skill like Tai Chi or paddleboard yoga, or reconnect with nature by opting for treatments in the open air. You can even partake in programmes which combine wellness treatments with conventional ‘healthy’ activities like hiking and swimming. It’s all about improving whole-body health and state of mind, rather than zoning in on specific concerns.

2. You’ll learn how to become more mindful

An increasing number of spa resorts are incorporating meditation and other mindfulness techniques into their programmes and treatments, with the knowledge that regular practise can help boost the immune system, balance emotions, improve memory and help combat depression.

Along with one-to-one and group meditation sessions, treatments which combine mindfulness and bodywork are becoming especially popular, such as guided meditation massages and integrative breathing techniques.

3. You’ll get the personal touch

Personalised wellness is the biggest buzz phrase in the industry right now, with the best facilities doing everything they can to tailor all mind and body experiences to your exact requirements.

As people become more conscious of their own needs, they’re no longer content to buy into prescriptive treatment options with inflexible lists of products and ingredients. The one size fits all approach is no longer enough, and wellness providers who adapt to this new approach will be best placed to care for these newly knowledgeable clients.

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