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4 reasons to go sailing in Mauritius

Whether you choose a yacht, catamaran or a traditional wooden schooner, sailing in Mauritius is one of the best ways to experience the real essence of the Island. . You’ll see the beauty of our coastline and discover the diversity of our marine life from above and below the water line. Here are five reasons to entice you onboard.

1. See dolphins


On the west coast of Mauritius, a sailing trip in Tamarin Bay offers the opportunity to encounter wild dolphins in their natural habitat. The pods of bottlenose and spinner dolphins who’ve chosen Tamarin Bay as their home can be spotted early in the morning as they swim out to deeper waters off the coast of Le Morne peninsula to fish. Most catamaran trips here will also visit Crystal Rock, standing proudly in the middle of the lagoon, plus the stunning island of Benitiers which is home to coconut plantations and small colonies of migratory birds.

2. Go island hopping

Ile aux aigrettes

Sailing is one of the best ways to experience the many islands and islets that surround the Mauritian coastline.

Which islands to visit depends on your interests. A handful are nature reserves, such as Ile aux Aigrettes, Gabriel Island and Round Island. Others have historical sites such as the remains of a sugar plantation on Coin du Mire, or the graveyard and two working lighthouses on Flat Island, while others like Cat Island are known for the quality of their diving and snorkelling sites.

3. See a sunset from the water

sunset on boat

Mauritian sunsets are famously spectacular, whatever your vantage point. But nothing beats the experience of lazing on deck with a drink in hand, as the water glitters in the late afternoon light and the big orange sun slowly dips beneath the horizon. And if you’re here in the hottest months of the year, this is also the most pleasant time to sail. If you’re in the market for a sunset cruise, there are plenty  of options to choose from with departure points around the island including Grand Baie (north west coast), Trou D’eau Douce (central east coast), Tamarin Bay (south west coast), Point Jerome (south east) and Blue Bay (south east). Most cruises depart at 5pm and last around two hours.

4. Take a longer trip

Catamarans Ile Gabriel

If you’re keen on sailing and love being on the water, there’s no reason to restrict yourself to a day trip. Overnight, 2-night, 3-night or longer cruises are available, and are a wonderful way to truly get away from it all. Perfect for couples or small groups of family and friends, these catamarans are equipped with comfortable cabins and cater exclusively for your group. After the sun goes down, you’ll moor overnight in a secluded lagoon, and unlike a day trip you’ll have the opportunity to take an early morning dip and watch the sun come up, while your crew prepares a delicious breakfast onboard.

For more information on longer sailing trips, visit Elegant Destinations, Catamaran Cruises Mauritius, and read the following blog articles Luxe in a city, Catamaran Two Oceans.

Photos: Dolphins at Le Morne, Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile Gabriel. 

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