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A weekend in Marseille: Fly Air Mauritius

 France’s second largest city, Marseille, is one of celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain’s favourite and most under-rated destinations in the world. In his own words: “It is a glorious stew of a city, smelling of Middle Eastern spices, garlic, saffron and the sea.”


And you can get there easily with Air Mauritius. It’s just one of many international destinations that we fly to including Paris, London, Singapore, Cape Town, Perth, Mumbai and Shanghai. More importantly, we fly direct to Paris, which enables you to take a full-service, affordable trip with Mauritius’ own authentic, national airline, before a short hop to Marseille.


It may be second to Paris in size but Marseille has a character all of its own as this weekend guide in Vogue celebrates. As a port city it has had a unique confluence of cultures streaming into it historically and it has a rich and diverse cultural scene that gives the city a cosmopolitan feel. Visit its markets and you can also taste some of the most amazing seafood dishes on the planet and it can be affordable, too.

Marseille by night

The city's most famous dish is, of course, bouillabaisse, a traditional Provençal fish stew. It’s not a meal you’ll want to go home without trying, believe us.

Try some Bouilliabaisse in Marseille, France

So, what are you waiting for? Book with Air Mauritius today. 

Would you like to visit Marseille?

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Photos: Marseille

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