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Activities You Didn't Know You Could Do in Mauritius


There are many activities available on MauritiusOne of the surprises many people have visiting Mauritius is the sheer amount of different things you can do on the island from kitesurfing to stand-up paddle boarding. Mauritius is very much a living, working island, which means for those wanting a bit of adventure there’s lots of choice.

We were happy to see The Telegraph picked up on this lately with an article on ‘14 activities you didn't know you could do in Mauritius’.

Here’s there list below – check out the feature for more.


1. Walk on the seabed

Amble along the seabed among colourful sea creatures in super-clear waters


2. Play golf on an island

Try a round on Ile aux Cerfs between volcanic outcrops and lush vegetation

Golf is one of the many activities available in Mauritius


3. Hike a canyon

Trail through the Black River Gorges – the reward at the end is beautiful waterfall


4. Four-wheel fun

Take an all-terrain quad and pick your destination: nature reserves, sugar-cane plantations or clifftop views

Many enjoy quad biking as part of the activities available in Mauritius


5. Tangle with a tuna

Charter or share a boat with a chance to catch big tuna, marlin, mako sharks, bonito and sailfish.


6. Feed the giraffes

There are nine giraffes that you can feed by hand at Casela World of Adventures.


7. Yes you can fly…

Ziplining is an exhilarating way to see the island form a different perspective.


8. Swim with dolphins

You can often see groups of more than 20 dolphins in Mauritius.


Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius

9. Stand up and paddle

Take on some stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) for a unique way to explore Mauritius’ beaches, mangroves and islets.


10. Kite capers

Pure adrenalin, kitesurfing takes some getting used to but the reward is great.

Watersports are among the great activities to enjoy


11. Pedal power

From simple and beautiful tracks to serious off-road terrain these island trails are what bikes were made for.


12. Equine enchantment

Trotting along taking in the local wildlife is a refreshing way to experience the outdoors.

Horse riding is amongst the invigorating activities available in Mauritius


13. Whirlwind adventure

Soar sky high on a helicopter trip for a burst of the island’s primary colours. For special occasions you can even take a lunch trip to a restaurant.


14. Say hi to kayaking

From butterflies and unusual fish to colonial ruins, kayaking will help you lift the lid on Mauritius.


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