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Beyond the beach in Mauritius


The wonderful beaches of Mauritius deservedly get a lot of attention – who doesn’t like pristine stretches of sand with crystal clear waters lapping and glinting in the sun? However, Mauritius is a ‘360’ island with many rich experiences, myths and stories beyond the beach to discover. Below we take a look at some highlights.


Join in a festival on the island

Beyond the Beach - Mauritius festivals

Mauritius has some incredible festivals and there’s a great line up for 2017.


Bring the family

Beyond the beach - Family Holiday

Many think of Mauritius as a luxury, romantic island for couples but it’s excellent for families, too.


Get a Street food bite

Beyond the beach - street food

Mauritius has some of the most amazing cuisine in the world, but you’ll find some of the best flavours at street food small shacks in markets or on the road side.


Enjoy the great outdoors

Beyond the beach - the great outdoors

If you like lush, green vegetation and wildlife, then you’ll like Mauritius.


Pretend you’re on another planet

Beyond the beach - volcanic activity

Volcanic rock has produced some striking terrain on Mauritius and none more so than the Seven Coloured earth of Charamel.


Tee off

Beyond the beach - golf

There’s golf and then there’s golf. Once you’ve played some of the courses in Mauritius you won’t believe golf could be this good.


Get happy

Beyond the beach - get happy

Part of Mauritius’s attraction is its wide diversity of experiences that come from its rich cultural history – its one of the reasons it’s one of the happiest places you’ll find.


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