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Cooking without borders

Here at Air Mauritius, we’re constantly seeking to improve and refine our inflight meals by taking inspiration from our island home. Our latest Cooking without borders concept builds upon the wealth of diverse cuisines to be found across the country, leading to a menu which blends these traditions into inspired, appealing and cohesive dishes.

Now being served in our Business Class cabin, the healthy gourmet dishes inspired by the Cooking without borders philosophy are firmly focused on flavour, with meals featuring tantalising combinations of ingredients such as hot smoked duck breast with sweet mango, yogurt-marinated prawns with tomato-based curry sauce, or pan-seared guinea fowl with red capiscums and pak choy.

A global palette

cooking without boarders

Cooking without borders is tricky to pin down, since it’s steeped in unique familial customs as well as many different ethnic and geographic influences. The one-of-a-kind approach sees French, Indian and Chinese techniques all applied to a global palette of the best and healthiest ingredients, and as part of this concept we see no reason why scallops, duck and mustard greens shouldn’t share a plate, nor why foie-gras should not be at home in soup dumplings. The concept is indeed multicultural, yet there are fundamentals to good cooking practices marked by distinct customs.

Cooking without borders is where cultural traditions and cultural differences converge, hence our focus on designing an international menu. It is about honouring both the traditions and artistry of appealing cooking, as well as recognising is limitless potential.

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