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Could you become an Air Mauritius KestrelFlyer?

Did you know that if you travel to Mauritius frequently you could be benefitting from joining the Air Mauritius KestrelFlyer loyalty programme?

KestrelFlyer is a way of us saying thanks for being loyal to Mauritius’s national airline and taking advantage of all our benefits such as direct flights to Mauritius. Named after the island’s famous indigenous Mauritian kestrel, our loyalty programme allows you to accumulate miles and points every time you fly. This way you get a great holiday, while also benefitting from loyalty points for future trips.

Why not become a member of the KestrelFlyer club today

How does it work?

When you first join the KestrelFlyer loyalty programme you will receive a Red membership status and a unique membership number allocated to you. This opens your account and will then allow you to accumulate miles every time you fly.

After that you can sit back, relax and pick up points as you make your way through the skies. Depending on the number of miles you accumulate, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits such as free tickets, upgrades and additional baggage allowance. Upon accumulating 24,000 qualifying miles within a 36-month period, you’ll receive the Kestrelflyer Silver Card – and when you have accumulated 100,000 qualifying miles within a 36-month period, you’ll receive the Kestrelflyer Gold Card. With Silver and Gold Cards you’ll discover a while new world of privileges.

For more on our loyalty programme , see KestrelFlyer today.

There are many benefits from being a member of the KestrelFlyer club

Why not join the KestrelFlyer Loyalty Programme?

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