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Direct Flights: Savour your Mauritian Escape


On an island that has so much to offer and with no-one having unlimited holiday time, why waste time on unnecessary stopovers when you can be enjoying more time on Mauritius?

Flying Air Mauritius enables you to take full-service, affordable trips and, importantly, direct flights to Mauritius (from global destinations such as Paris, London, Singapore, Cape Town, Perth, Mumbai and Shanghai).

Booking direct with Air Mauritius means you get an authentic Mauritian welcome from the start on the National Airline and can take more time to savour a few of these experiences below:


Black River Gorges National Park

Take in the Black River Gorge with Direct Flights from Air Mauritius

A must for nature lovers, this mountainous expanse of exotic vegetation has almost 17,000 acres of dense green forest, rolling hills and deep valleys, and the only national park in Mauritius.


The striped 7-coloured sands of Charamel

Visit Charamel Via a Direcr Flight with Air Mauritius


One of the most unusual landscapes on earth and recently the destination of NASA who are testing otherworldy destinations on earth for future space journeys.

Diving in technicolour

Try Scuba Diving in Mauritius, With Direct Flights from Air Mauritius

Mauritius is an incredible place to try diving year-round (from beginners to pros) and you get to choose from a range of dives - from coral dives and drop-off dives to super-sized marine life dives. Expect to be wowed by an abundance of multi-coloured sealife. Go here for more.


Picture perfect beaches

Visit Beautiful Beaches With Direct Flights from Air Mauritius

This is an ongoing debate at the Made in Mauritius blog – what is the most beautiful beach in Mauritius? With so many to choose from, it’s a tough one to answer, so we’ll let you decide. Pointe D’Esny, Belle Mare, Flic en Flac North Beach, Gris Gris, Balaclava Beach…


Switch off

Find Yourself in Mauritus, with Direct Flights from Air Mauritius

More time in Mauritius means more downtime and a chance to switch off. With wellbeing options from spa therapies (including Ayurvedic, Thai and Balinese) to yoga and t’ai chi, it’s a peaceful destination to truly unwind.


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