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Diving in Mauritius: What you can expect

A comprehensive post on Dive Advisor rounds up some of the amazing experiences visitors can expect on Mauritius when they go diving. Whether you’re a novice or old-hand the range of types of dive here mean that there are endless opportunities to explore this underwater world.

Diving in Mauritius

As Dive Advisor explains there is ‘330km of coastline offering a variety of diving including pretty reefs, drift dives, wrecks, caverns, and coral arches… Boat diving a bit further offshore often includes shark sightings, pelagic fish, dolphin, and humpback whales in the winter.’

diving in Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius occurs year round and there are opportunities to explore all sides of the island with a diversity of sites on offer.

Diving in Mauritius

As Dive Advisor puts it ‘The waters around Mauritius boast more than 430 marine species and 200 coral species, several of which are endemic to the island. There are over 20 wrecks from both the 18th and 19th century and recently sunk ships.’

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Photos: Dive Advisor

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