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Guangzhou: A city on the move


Guangzhou, better known to westerners as Canton, is China’s third largest city and can now be reached easily in style with Air Mauritius. Guangzhou

According to Lonely Planet’s guide to Guangzhou, the city’s “proximity to Hong Kong means it is one of the most well-connected cities in China”.

For business travellers, the Canton Fair also known as the China Import and Export Fair, sees thousands of international visitors flocking to Guangzhou twice a year.

Lonely Planet says: “A giant metropolis, Guǎngzhōu is home to both gleaming towers and leafy alleys, and its history as a strategic trade port to the South China Sea has afforded it a colonial background and culturally diverse population that combine to give Guǎngzhōu a cosmopolitan flair.” Visit Guangzhou with Air Mauritius

Its top sights include:

1. Shāmiàn Island

2. Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

3. Yúyìn Mountain Villa

4. Mausoleum of the Nányuè King

5. New Guǎngdōng Museum

6. Yuèxiù Park

7. Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

8. Guǎngzhōu Opera House

For more see the full guide here.


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