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Invest Mauritius: A business brand built for the future

Mauritius is powering its way to becoming a major and robust business brand that is built for exceptional success in the future. 

Invest Mauritius

We’ve spoken before on Made in Mauritius about how business is flourishing on the island due to its modern international airport, outstanding national airline business class and position as a gateway for big destinations. 

To add to this, there are now various smart city projects in the pipeline – a vision to turn the country into an ideal place to ‘Live, Work, and Play’. Yes, people still love coming to holiday in Mauritius, but more and more people are looking to live and retire on the island, work in an innovative space, invest as a business and study on our international university campuses. 

Invest Mauritius has set out a plan to “bring together all stakeholders in Mauritian society towards the goal of strengthening the global Mauritian business brand”. To this end, it has published its first report issue covering interviews with leaders from across the Mauritian business community, debate on the future direction of the country in areas such as human capital development, and Mauritius’ product offering to the world and innovation within its financial services sector. 

The Invest Mauritius campaign will run throughout 2017 and offers an opportunity for the island to unite as a nation to highlight the wealth of opportunities available to global investors from our combined expertise and hospitality. 

For more on Invest Mauritius, get the free report here.

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