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Looking forward to 50 years of independence

A recent article in the Evening Standard looks forward to the island’s 50 years of Independence next year and takes stock of all the diverse experiences Mauritius has to offer saying “it isn’t just about idyllic beaches”. Port Louis, Mauritius - Looking forward to 50 years of Independence

Exploring The Porlwi by Light Festival in the Mauritian capital the article says: “it is no tedious attempt at organised fun; at this city-wide art fiesta everyone’s actually having a good time.

“Crowds congregate around impromptu breakdancers while people queue for a first peek at pop-up installations by the island’s most famous artists. Think Venice Biennale meets Notting Hill Carnival but with none of the drama.”

Later the article explains a trip to Ile aux Aigrettes. “A tiny island 850m off the coast, as flat and calm as Mauritius is craggy and dramatic. The island is now one big nature reserve, although 27 people live here in the few man-made structures that you occasionally come across,” it says.

“It’s surprisingly disarming to see giant tortoises, geckos and the previously endangered pink pigeon roaming freely.”

Lastly, for honeymooners it describes the “Insta-gold sunset moment” visitors will be able to enjoy together.

Read the full article here. 

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