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Mauritius Festivals 2017

 Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture, which is reflected in its full calendar of festivals during the year. For visitors, experiencing a festival on the island is a great way to gain insight into the fabric of Mauritius and to see how many different peoples can enjoy each other’s heritage and celebrate a cosmopolitan outlook. Here’s some festivals to look out for in 2017. 

28th January: Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
Chinese New Year - Mauritius Festivals

The most important date in the Chinese calendar. Port Louis is the centre if celebrations where you can expect lion and dragon dances and streets adorned with red lanterns. 

1st February: Abolition of Slavery

The Abolition of Slavery act was finally implemented in Mauritius in February 1835. Read a potted history of Mauritius

9th February: Thaipusam Cavadee   

A festival of Tamil origin. Devotees of Lord Muruga mark this major Hindu festival with a period of fasting and prayers before walking barefoot to the temple carrying the arched bamboo cavadee structures on their backs.


24th February: Maha Shivaratri
Shiva - Mauritius Festivals

See our full write up 


12th March: Independence and Republic Day

See our full write up 


13th March: Holi
Holi - Mauritius Festivals

Celebrated by the tradition of Holika Dahan - lighting a bonfire on the eve of Holi to celebrate the vitory of good over evil. In the streets people play with colours and drench each other with pichkaris (water jets). At night, people greet each other with tilak and exchange sweets. 

29th March: Ougadi

Also known as Yugadi or Ugadi. This is the Telegu ethnic group’s celebration of the Hindu New Year. Rituals include taking an oil bath followed by prayers and eating the leaves of the Neem tree. See more in this incredible Hindu festival here. 

14th April: Tamizh Puttaandu

Otherwise known as Varusha Pirappu or Tamil New Year.It is celebrated at the beginning of Chitirai, the first month in the Tamil Calendar. It marks the day when creator god Lord Brahma began his creation. 

16th April: Easter
Easter - Mauritius Festivals

Here a few ideas for you to try at Easter time


May (dates to be confirmed): China Town Food and Cultural Festival

An imaginative celebration of Chinese culture with plenty of food, sounds and performances to experience. 

1st May: Labour Day

First celebrated in May 1950. A day of significance on the island as many workers struggled for many years for their social, political and economic rights. 

13th May: La Fete du Pain / The Bread Festival
Bread Festival - Mauritius Festivals

A celebration dedicated to St. Honore, the patron saint of bakers. Look out for artisan loaves, pastries, demonstrations and creative workshops. 

21st May: Mauritius Dragonboat Festival

Held on Caudan Waterfront this festival celebrates Qu Yuan (340 – 278 BC) an ancient patriotic poet. Teams of 25 people compete on the water and the local Chinese community perform with local artists. 

26th June: Eid-Ul-Fitr

The first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal, Eid-Ul-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan, a period of fasting and prayer. 

15th August: Assumption Day

The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorates the death of Mary and her assumption into heaven, and has been marked by the island’s Catholics since French colonial times. 

26th August: Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi - Mauritius Festivals

Celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, this Hindu festival involves worshipping with family and friends and placing clay manifestations of Ganesha in public temporary shrines. 

19th October: Diwali
1st November: All Saints Day
2nd November: Arrival of Indentured Labourers Day 

Read more about these three major festivals here  

November (dates to be confirmed): Festival International Kréol 

A wonderful celebration of creole culture, mixed with dance, concerts and literary readings.  

December (dates to be confirmed): Porlwi by Light

An incredible cultural festival and one not to be missed. Find out more here

25th December: Christmas Day
Christmas - Mauritius Festivals

Find out why Christmas tastes better in Mauritius  

Which festival are you most looking forward to?

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