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Mauritius thriving as a tourist destination

‘Mauritius, an Indian Ocean nation, is currently enjoying increasingly strong travel and tourism trends that have begun to pave the way for strong hotel operation performances, experts say.’


So starts this piece, over in Top Hotel News.

It also reports that ‘Mauritius experienced another consecutive year of record tourism arrivals during 2017, according to stats from the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority’.

In all, ‘more than 1.34 million tourists’ visited the island in 2017.

More visitors have meant more flights, and more flights have led to more visitors. Mauritius is in a virtuous circle of growth.

Plus, numerous listings and endorsements in the international travel press have helped. And the island has benefitted from a good reputation as a safe as well as exciting and relaxing getaway.

Hotel growth

The increase in numbers visiting has led to an increase, naturally, in demand for accommodation.

‘Mauritius is largely characterised by a supply that ranges from midscale business hotels to luxury resorts,’ says Top Hotel News.

‘It also boasts the largest presence of international hotel groups of any of the countries in Africa’.

But there is a limit. Another piece, also looking at Mauritius’ excellent current performance, over on Hotel Management, quotes Hubert Golay, Vice President of HTI Consulting.

He says, today ‘there is limited prime coastal land still available in Mauritius, and it’s therefore difficult to foresee to 5-star and luxury market, which requires large plots and prime locations, experiencing significant new supply.’

This is not necessarily bad. ‘We therefore anticipate existing hotel operations to continue thriving’, says Hubert Golay.

‘Investors have been attracted to Mauritius due to the island’s mature, safe environment, established resort tourism offerings and stable government and economy’, says Hotel Management. Plus, of course, it’s beautiful!

Long may it thrive.

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Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

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