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More Mauritius in photos

We recently brought you a selection of images taken by fans of Air Mauritius and shared on our Facebook page. This month we’re back with some more stunning shots, including views of Ile aux Aigrettes from the air, Mauritian fishermen at work and a whale jumping in front of Gunner’s Point.

If you have any special photos you’d like to share with our readers – either aerial shots from one of our planes or your favourite Mauritian scene – please feel free to send them to us via a private message on Facebook.

Photos: Vedhica Agarwal, William Mclaughlin, Riaad Mooradun, Pauline Kolakowska, Keshav Burtony, Caroline Sookoo, Gilly Maletzki, Frédéric Mélotte, Aneel Matadin, Anas Rostone, AmanDev Bhugwath.

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