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New Mauritian Flavours

 We know how much incredible cuisine can drive travellers to seek out new experiences, so we’re always on the look out for exciting new finds from restaurants and cutting-edge trends to new chefs and pop-up events. And we know long time readers of the Made in Mauritius blog are just as curious as we are.

mauritian food: galette

Recently, we’ve covered everything from cakes fit for royalty and how Mauritian cuisine is making a noise on the international stage to outstanding Mauritian chefs, established favourites and new food bloggers.

mauritian food: biryani chicken

Our new favourite is L’atelier de Kristel, a food blog by Mauritian Kristel whose life revolves around Evreux, Rouen and Paris. We’ve been tempted by recipes such as: Penne Carbonara with Smoked Marlin; Galette des Rois with Franipane, Pistachio, Cardamom and Rose water; and festive Briyani chicken and tomato chutney. It’s a winning combination of Mauritian and French cuisine that leaves us wanting more.

mauritian food: pates marlins

For more on Mauritian cuisine, see the Flavour section of our blog.

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