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Shanghai's many attractions: Get there with Air Mauritius

FIFTY in fact, according to this piece over on CNN Travel that tells us ‘50 reasons why Shanghai is the world’s greatest city’. Things to experience in Shanghai

Shanghai is one vibrant city. And the CNN writer’s love of it is infectious. Here we’ve just plucked out a handful of extracts but do read the full piece to get the whole vibe…

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Food is a one big theme: from the Muslim noodle shops, to the brunches, to the Di Shui Dong ribs, to Yang’s Fried Dumplings, to Fu Chun’s steamed.

The city’s energy is another: the streets and markets filled with bustle, karaoke in Fuxing Park, ballroom dancing in the streets, and yoga and tai chi and bustling markets, and entrepreneurial excellence – just take The Avocado Lady – plus a truly vibrant music scene.

The convenience of it all: have everything or anything delivered to your door, or pause on a street corner for a hair wash, or grab a massage for less than $10, or get clothes made to your liking for a fraction of designer prices in the South Bund Fabric Market.

There’s this and, clearly, so much more in the city ‘where everything and anything is still possible’, as the piece quotes Jonathan L. Hasson, Co-Director of Luxury Concierge China

Check out the full piece on CNN Travel.

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