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The best Mauritian dishes

Honey Kitchen wrote up some Mauritian dishes after staying on the island and learning from the chefs. They were excited by what they found. ‘If ever the term ‘melting pot’ was appropriate, it would be on this tropical island’, says the piece.

Here are their five chosen dishes. Click through for recipes. Mauritius dishes

Palm heart salad

Yum. ‘Crunchy, fresh, clean and singing with flavour,’ it’s a recipe that’s been passed down for generations, and it’s made from the crunchy heart of the palm tree.

Faratas are delicious flatbreads

 ‘Stretchy and buttery’ to accompany any curry; ‘but we reckon they would be delicious as a replacement for tortillas too’.

Chicken and prawn curry

Aagain, a recipe proving less can be more, with few spices creating an exceptional ‘flavour bomb’. The ‘spag bol of Mauritius’.

Beef rougaille 

Beef in tomato-based sauce spiced up with curry leaves, ginger and coriander. In other words, ‘a summation of Mauritius itself – a mixture of native, French, Indian and Chinese’...

Mauritian napolitaine 

A biscuit – well, ‘like a very, very buttery shortbread’ served with strawberry jam and pink icing.

All delicious!

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