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The most beautiful scents of Mauritius


The subliminal power of fragrance is one of the most subtle and effective ways to create a first impression. Scents are directly accessed by the limbic system – a set of structures in the brain connected to the experience of long term memory and emotion –and hotels have long understood their ability to create a warm and positive feeling in the first few moments of a guests’ stay.

A trend for more localised scents has evolved in recent years, as hotels diffuse their public areas with aromas inspired by the surrounding environment to give their lobbies, spas and dining areas an authentic sense of place. In Mauritius, this inevitably involves a big nod to the flora of the island’s tropical landscape, examples of which can be found in many hotel gardens.

In bloom


In fact, La Pirogue – a hotel known for its incredible gardens – uses their own hotel-grown blooms to fragrance the resort, with the scent of frangipani around the pool and public areas, and heliconia, bougainvillea and flamboyant flowers elsewhere. In addition, red hibiscus flowers are used as décor for cocktails at the Coconut Café, leaving behind their sweet scent upon tasting the cocktail to create a lasting memory.

Sense of place

LUX perfume

LUX* Resorts & Hotels, on the other hand, have created an entire range of room mists and pillow mists made with natural ingredients to represent the tropical ambience of the island. “Our favourite scents are Ylang Ylang and Geranium, both of which are grown in Mauritius and Reunion,” says Chief Spa & Wellness Officer Jeff Butterworth. “We also use a green tea mist throughout our resorts. The scent is fresh and relaxing, perfect to match the holiday mood.”

The hotel scent trend is expected to continue apace in the coming years, with guest rooms being next on the agenda. Don’t be surprised to see scent menus alongside pillow menus at the best resorts, allowing visitors to pre-select how they want their room to smell upon arrival. It’s all part of a wider luxury travel trend for more bespoke experiences, which offers genuine personalisation for guests while creating long-term loyalty for the resort.

Photos: Flowers at La Pirogue

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