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Top 3 healthy eating trends

Far from viewing their much-anticipated trip as an excuse to indulge, today’s holidaymakers often want to maintain their healthy eating commandments throughout their stay.

So when it comes to healthy eating in 2014, what exactly is the latest thinking? We take a look at three of the most popular current trends and what's on offer at hotels across Mauritius.

Cutting down on sugar

As the detrimental effect that sugar can have on our health and mood becomes more widely understood, consumers are actively looking for ways to cut down on their consumption of the white stuff. We’re all becoming much more aware of how sugar is hidden not just in cakes, sweets and desserts but also in many savoury processed foods, and seemingly healthy fruits like fructose-laden bananas, grapes and pineapples. When we eat out – whether at home or on our holidays – we want to see innovative menus which recognise our desire to cut back.

Eating clean

healty eating

Eating clean is a concept first brought to life last year via the hugely popular Clean Eating Handbook of TV chef and eco-foodie expert Mareya Ibrahim. The simple notion of eating clean revolves around a diet based on maximally nutritious foods in as close to their natural, whole state as possible. Choosing leaner proteins and meats, lots of legumes and nuts, and eating plenty of greens and low-starch vegetables is key. Calorie restriction plays no part in eating clean – the focus is purely on enjoying food as close as possible to how nature intended.

Healthy ‘junk’ food

The idea of so-called healthy junk food is about never feeling that you’re ‘missing out’. It’s all about finding wholesome ways to replicate familiar, less-than-healthy snacks like crisps, cookies and cereal bars using nutritious ingredients such as seaweed, coconut oil, various nuts, seeds and root vegetables. A Guardian reports that the trend has seen experimental products like savoury vegetable yoghurts, egg-white crisps and kale smoothie ice lollies beginning to capture the public’s imagination. 

So what's happening in Mauritius?

Angsana Chef

When it comes to healthy eating trends in Mauritius, hotels across the island are continually researching and refining to ensure they’re ahead of the game.

Mauritius is home to an abundance of fresh and nutitious produce year-round, and the island’s best chefs know exactly how to turn the latest healthy eating trends into dishes packed with goodness and flavour. At Angsana Balaclava, Executive Chef Suardi makes it his duty to personally talk to clients who are looking for special diets or raw food. 'We have to adapt to new eating trends,' he says. 'People are more conscious of what they eat as they think about all the calories they will have to burn at the gym.'

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita has a similar philosophy and promotes a dedicated healthy eating menu at the Spa. 'A Bite of Vitality' offers a variety of breakfast choices and light fare to enjoy throughout the day, either before, after or in between a treatment or wellness class, all in the peaceful surroundings of the outdoor relaxation patio or the cooler indoor juice bar. Bursting with nutrients, this healthy menu allows guests to indulge in flavourful cuisine without the added calories.

And Heritage Resorts has numerous healthy food options on every menu of its 12 restaurants, highlighted by the ‘Seven Colours Spa’ logo – in addition to the endless possibilities for those wanting to stay in shape at one of its two sports centres or on a tailor-made wellness programme.

'It is a challenge and we haven’t mastered all diets yet!” says Chef Suardi. “In the end, the 5 star luxury resort menu dish that was initially prepared will have to be entirely modified, and we work hard at innovating to limit the small changes we bring, so as not to impact on the taste and quality of the dish.'

Photo: Suardi, executive Chef at Angsana Balaclava Mauritius. 

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