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Best price guarantee

We guarantee you the best price, and will refund you the difference if you find a cheaper price elsewhere. 

Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of the Air Mauritius Best Price Guarantee (“BPG”),

  • Price means the total amount paid for an Air Mauritius ticket, inclusive of taxes, surcharges, and service fee.
  • Ticket means an Air Mauritius ticket  whose number starts with 239.

To be eligible for the BPG and be entitled to a lower price,

  • You must have purchased and made full payment for an Air Mauritius ticket at using a credit card or any other online payment method.
  • You must have found a lower price for an identical Air Mauritius ticket at another point of sale based in the same country as the point of sale of your Air Mauritius ticket on the same day that you purchased your ticket at
  • The price must be for the same itinerary, same flight numbers, same flight dates, same booking classes, same fare basie, same fare conditions, and same number of passengers.
  • The itinerary must be on flights operated by Air Mauritius only. Any itineraries involving flights from codeshare partners or other carriers are excluded.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, an example of a ticket is provided here.

The BPG does not apply where:

  • the lower price is offered under any promotion with a third party (including, but not limited to, promotions with newspapers, exhibitions or other special events); or
  • the lower price is derived from an unpublished fare which has not been made available to Unpublished fares, also known as private fares, are those which are not available to all points of sale but are provided to limited points of sale only. They include, but are not limited to, wholesaler, consolidator, tour operator, corporate, government, contract, student, staff or other discounted fares; or
  • the lower price has been discounted by the other point of sale by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, redemption of frequent flyer miles or similar and other offers or incentives to reduce the price; or
  • the lower price is for a travel package inclusive of airfare; or
  • the lower price is the result of an error by the other point of sale; or
  • the other point of sale does not have a travel agent licence in the same country as the point of sale of your Air Mauritius ticket; or
  • Air Mauritius is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the lower price is available; or
  • You have cancelled your ticket purchased on before making your claim.

Any claim to obtain the lower price must be sent to [email protected] on the same day that you purchased your ticket at

The quote from the other point of sale showing the lower price and the ticket details as in the example above must be attached for verification purposes. Claims made via telephone or other forms of communication will not be accepted. Claims with incomplete information will be rejected. Only the first purchase of a ticket will be considered, and any subsequent changes to the ticket will not be eligible. Only one claim per ticket can be made.

The information that you provide to us will only be used to administer your claim. We will not share your personal information with third parties outside Air Mauritius.

Air Mauritius reserves the right to verify the lower price quoted by the other point of sale and ensure that it complies with the fare rules.

If your claim meets all the terms and conditions of the BPG, a refund of the difference in price between and the other point of sale will be made via an electronic miscellaneous document (EMD, also known as credit note) valid for one year to the card holder who made the purchase at, and will be the only compensation offered.

Air Mauritius decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Air Mauritius reserves the right to terminate or amend the BPG at any time without notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting of the modified BPG terms and conditions on Any cancellation will be effective upon removal of references to the BPG and its terms and conditions.