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Mauritius: A golfers Paradise

There’s so much more to Mauritius than its beaches alone, but some of its experiences go happily hand in hand with an exquisite Indian Ocean view, such as golf.

Mauritius Golf

And did you know that despite Scotland’s claims to being the birthplace of golf there is evidence of similar pursuits taking place earlier in history in Mauritius? So, it’s no surprise that the island is now a top golfing destination.

How about taking a boat to your first tee or negotiating the boulders that centuries of volcanic activity have left behind?

If you’re looking for a bucket-list course then here’s how the island’s game has evolved, one you can enjoy year-round.

So, if you love golf what are you waiting for?



The top 10 beaches in Mauritius

Why the question mark? Well, it’s always going to be a contentious subject when someone sets out to find the best beaches on an island with such an abundance of great choices. All we do know for sure is you’ve got a great chance of finding your own very small slice of paradise here given the variety to indulge in. And, in age when everyone wants to unplug more than ever, that’s no small thing.

Mauritius beaches

We’ve had a go at beach lists ourselves previously: one here for beauty; another for swimming; and we’ve even drilled down to specific areas such as the South Coast’s beaches.

While some people are looking for laid back bliss and isolation, others want some fun with watersports or a beachside shack they can call their own to get that cocktail and view they’ve been dreaming about.

Whatever your inclination, this recent guide to the top 10 beaches by Stefano Ferro on his blog, MEL365 Travel Guides, is a good place to start exploring. His top 10 is listed below but he admits himself that “there are so many “best beaches in Mauritius” that is almost impossible to select one or the other.”

Ferro’s own choices are swayed but certain aspects such as the “best roti you can find in the island” on Flic en Flac beach. Meanwhile, on Le Morne Beach he found the accumulation of palm trees, calm water and white sands meant the beach had “the full lot”.

The only way to know for sure, of course, is to visit and try as many for yourself as possible. Sound like a nice idea, right?



The Flavours of Mauritius

Anyone who visits the Made in Mauritius blog regularly will know we love great food and celebrate this wonderful island’s cuisine with a passion. From street food to fine dining we showcase the best of Mauritian food in our Flavour section of the blog.

Mauritian Food

We also love sharing great recipes, so today we’ve collated three of our favourites to share with your friends and family. Enjoy!